Balancing the upcoming HMD to more modern fighters in the future

Since more and more fighters will be added and will be added with HMDs. I had a idea of making these features not just a built in modification. Therefore, I suggest that gaijin should make the HMD as a researchable modification, something like the “G-suit” of the pilot. Since irl, these HMD does weigh heavier than normal helmets, they should decrease the ability to pull heavy G’s slightly.Also these HMD’s are expensive irl, it should add more repair cost to the vehicle. Finally, I would like to see gaijin make ejection cancelling the repair cost of the pilot’s equipment.

Surely the added kilo of the HMD electronics will influence the turn rate of a jet weighing 10,000x that weight

i think he means the strain on the pilot, but that is almost negligible.
we already have enough of grind why add more ?

Cant wait to research the wings and landing gear too


You’ll be researching fuel next, getting higher grade fuels with each tier and paying for it before each battle.

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Yeaaa, nah. Bad idea.

Better quality fuel is a premium available with GE only

Nope, this idea is terrible.

Researching G-Suit is already terrible idea at top tier environment, adding HMD as researchable modification will only make it worse.

Delete this thread before they get any ideas