Balancing The M26 to not be Obsolete in the coming BR changes

But they still face it frequently because of 6.0 battles popularity. Tiger 2 H oneshooting jumbo and Is-1 it isn’t fair. Germans still have panther d vk m 6.0 panthers. Is-2 for soviets

Only Tiger 10.5, which is also getting a buff to reload so it is identical to the T29 in that aspect. Given that the T29 is also 7.0, if that isn’t fair I don’t know what is.

Edit: Oh and Tiger II (P), forgot that one but that was already in the changes.

Dude, the US got their way. This entire thread was about the M26 needing buffs since it’s getting moved up and the snail listened.

Look at how many other threads were straight up ignored. A lot of the feed back was ignored.

So many US jets between 9.0-12.3 are stomping and only the A6E got adjusted? How many keys without flares still have to dodge aim-9Ls?

You shoot a T29 in the turret, it’s gonna survive and kill you.

You shoot a Tiger 105 though the turret it’s gonna die.

Nobody got their way but gaijin stupidity and ignorance in terms of brs that cauesd stuff like T26E5 to stay at its br and get bit better round. Dont forget italian M26 already had better round and it was same br.

I’ve shot T29s with the Russian 100 mm straight in the mantlet and they died from ammo explosion.

The effectiveness of the T29’s mantlet is only roughly 15 mm higher than that of the Tiger II 10.5 due to CHA modifiers (203 + 10 mm spall shield, multiply by 0.94 gives 200 mm flat).


And I’ve been shot in my T29 turret and was able to keep fighting with no problem.

Not to mention how many times the shots just don’t pen.

The US did. Just look at the notes.

not sure how raising the jumbo went US way too. also again ignoring M26 lacking historical round for years and now it was brought up cause it helps gaijin push stuff thorugh. What about ASU-85 buff?
M26 should ve stayed at 6.3 and got better shell speed just like Italian one had…

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Ok? And? I’ve also survived completely bullshit situations.

I’ve also hit Tiger IIs directly on the ammo from the side only for them to not explode.

None of this changes the fact that with the Tiger II 10.5s reload being buffed to match the 12.5 seconds of the T29, it absolutely should be 7.0.

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Dude, it’s one move up after the entire lineup for other nations that could fight it are being moved up.

What’s with the cherry picking?

Dude, you’re the one who brought up your personal experiences so I brought my in.

The T29 is better in every way then the Tiger 2s.

Italian M26 not needing a buffs in the 1st place is enough of argument getting late war shell cause it was used in late war is a logical thing. I would only say US got their way if it stayed 6.3 and got their faster shell.

Are you saying that this isn’t your personal experience?

The T29 is better in every way then the Tiger 2s.

Except when compared to the Tiger II 10.5 it has…

  • worse hp/ton and mobility, 12.45 vs 11.99.
  • worse hull armor.
  • slightly worse turret traverse.

You know, better in every way.


They are still killing all WW2 vehicles, good job gaijin.

I’m saying one has ammo stored there and the other has more crew members and is better spaced.

Holy hell, US mains are another breed.

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Have you looked at the X-ray on the T29.

The main part of the first stage charge storage is on the front left side of the turret. And the rest is on the right side.

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X ray shows a full rack.

Just look at the tiger 2s.

Even if you only take 15 rounds you still have ammo in the turret.

Dude it does not matter if you take full ammo or not, those are the first stage stowages. They are the first ones to be filled.

The only way they are getting emptied is if you fire all those rounds and don’t replenish. But at that point you have a slower reload.

Agreed. Makes me wish even more that I could play it, with that usable reload.