Balancing .... (russian BR 8.7)

Type 88s going up as well 😕

Not a concern for anyone who plays and enjoys the Chinese tree. Why? Because 9.0 has one of the best vehicles in the game: AFT09. Any Chinese tank moving up to 9.0 is in very good company. How many other vehicles can you take to 11.7 from 9.0 and nuke T-80BVM like they’re nothing?

The main thing for me is that the PTZ89 stays at 8.7. That thing is what I love using most as 8.7 China. PTZ89 for tanks. WZ305 (uptiered, obviously) for anything moving in the air. The rest are fillers.

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Reported and enjoy ban.

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Massively situational

That aside Gaijin is continuing to murder 8.7, “decompression” by ramming 2nd gen MBTs against 3rd Gen prototype racecars and modern IFV/MGS systems. And the 279/55AM-1 lose more vehicles that might have kept them in check

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