Balancing .... (russian BR 8.7)

This game tires me more and more… Currently I play the land vehicles realistically in the BR-8.

I can’t stop fighting T-55AM-1s and Object 279s…

These vehicles are way too strong!!! They literally ruin the games!! Very effective shells, mobility, stabilization and above all unrealistic armor and above all inappropriate for this BR.

When there is the Russian + Chinese nation on the other side, it is 100% defeated!!!

Frankly it’s painful, we can’t perfectly balance this type of game but… it’s clearly voluntary!!!

It’s pitiful…


First, find your opponent’s weaknesses. Next, practice in actual battles, and with repeated practice, you will be able to defeat any tank. The important thing is to accumulate them, so try to do them in numbers.

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I agree that at 8.7+ ground, Russia is the best nation, with China being an arguable top 3 pick in some ranges, Russia has been the best for 3+ years at least and it looks like that’s just how it’s going to be going forwards.

I’d reccomend switching over to just playing Russia at high tiers for a while, simply to find out what works and what doesn’t with their vehicles, what weaknesses you can exploit, and if you find none, then at least you’re grinding the best tree in the game.


Once u get the hang of it it’s super easy to KO a 279. I recommend shooting at the portruding turret ring, even APDS can smash thru it.
Give that a shot, it’s a viable strat

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All vehicles have weaknesses, but some have fewer and others, like Russian vehicles very often, have much, much less. Balancing is not about forcing players who don’t play Russian specifically to improve, it’s about proposing a common balance in which each player enjoys.


That’s exactly what I’m saying… But I have to weigh (often without stabilization) a specific point… him, and he knocks me out as he moves forward and pulls anywhere…

But I have to “aim”

LOL juste look in
In RB Winrate : 74.01% …

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Thunderskill is an awful example even if I agree with the 279 and T-55AM-1 needing nerfs.

They both dont need a nerf.


im sure the T-55 facing leopards with L44 gun and thermals will be balance according to you. The T-55 has literally one of the worse APFSDS rounds in the game with garbage reload time

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I have used both of those tanks. The T-55 is one of my favorites in the game and the Leopards don’t get stabilizers till 9.0. It’s one of the worst APFSDS rounds (assuming that’s true) because it’s one of the first tanks at its BR to get it.

And the fix is simply decompression. Bring the top BR for tanks and air up to 13.0 or something.

The 279 is a very powerful vehicle.

Comparing other 8.7 tanks such as the Gimel, the RISE P, or the Chieftain shows you just how insane the vehicle is at it’s own BR.

The T-55AM-1, while less Overpowered, is still very strong for being an 8.7 in the same way. Most 7.7 tanks can’t harm it in the average fight due to the composite. While not invincible, I’d prefer both of these vehicle’s to be 9.0 so they don’t fight tanks like the Centurion Mk.3 or Maus.

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279 shouldn’t go to 9.0, it would be dead if it goes to 9.0 and faces 10.0 modern vehicles with thermal or stronger rounds that can one tap it.

279 is fine at 8.7, most games are full uptiers.

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279 has been nerfed 2x
people refuse to learn weak spots

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but what to expect from them? the guy who started the topic has barely 1 to 1 on most of the vehicles he plays. There is never a “skill problem” there, only excuses that they play like monkeys


There is another pic of 279 get killed by other tank.
Where is Bias?

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I already said we need more decompression. This should not see 7.7 and it shouldn’t see 10.0.

Say the arcade player…