BAe Harrier II (UK versions) - Technical data and discussion

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European plugs don’t have fuses in them i think

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Sorry typo

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Any way back on topic what the difference between gr7 and gr9

For a second I thought you were talking about this abomination

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Yes i was

HMS, Brimstone, ASRAAM, Sniper, and the composite tail section was replaced with a metal one.

So not coming next update

Most likely not no. The Gr.7 is the exact same aircraft ATM just without the HMD and the Sniper. My guess is that it will come in a few updates with ASRAAM and Brimstone.

Cause the game ain’t ready yet

More likely we’d get the Gr9A, which is HMD (HMS, whatever you want to call it). The upgraded 107 engine, but would likely still get Aim-9M. Defo would get the Sniper pod and I’d hope it would come with Brimstone. But could come sooner rather than later with that combo. Semi-expecting it this decemeber. Just to forget about Britain being Competitive in A2A but giving us a really strong top tier CAS again


Count HMD and Weapons. Gr7 mounted Sniper

I’d doubt they’d give the Gr7 Sniper and with the Gr9 and Gr9A as solid options left, its better in my opinion to keep the Gr7 lower with the TIALD and then have the Gr9/Gr9A as solid upgrades over the Gr7. No point having both essentially at the same BR.

Though we do need to get hte better TIALD pod


truth be told, id also like if they gave us 30mm gunpods for the gr.7 and if/when gr9 comes for that too, i prefer them over the 25mm ones

See, Im the opposite, I cannot use the 30mm ADENs, I really struggle in the FRS1, Lightning, Jaguar, etc. But do really well with the 25mm. The 30mms have really bad ballistics. The 30mms might be better from ground strafe, but in A2A I think the 25mm are the easier to use.

25 are faster (and even faster if you include aphv (or whatever was it called)) while 30 pack a bigger punch

25s also have less ballistic drop