BAe Harrier II (UK versions) - Technical data and discussion

Well looks like the SHAR FA.2 has competition as the UK VTOL AMRAAM slinger.

There’s just one thing that was bothering me.

I’m interested to see if the inner pylon could use the dual rack. It would definitely overload the plane but would allow for more variety of mixed A/A and A/G loads.

Well, i am either reading it wrong, or it is just an article about AV8B Plus. I do not see antyhing here that would involve uk having it

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I’ll just leave it here

Some horriers

That happened irl. the tactic to deal with that was to slam the throttle into idle the precise instant you were about to collide/explode/make contact with the floor.

Tremors talks about it on his first flat top landing

Like in the first 2 instances it will make any difference ;)

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yeah, thats where I read it from

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man is reading the bible, good lad

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Well, listened to on Audible whilst driving, but I have listened to it more than once. Probably will listen to it again if/when we get the FA2

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Just go to Halfords or Screwfix. They’ll get you what you need.

First of all, i live in the countryside, second of all, i do not live in UK. But thanks for the help anyway :)

Amazon probably does a deal for fuses.

My guy is screwed

Nah. Tomorrow i will have to jump into my car, drive to the near city and look there.

I will just look in the city tomorrow. It is 11pm for me.

Just take one from another plug