BAe Harrier II (UK versions) - Technical data and discussion

Does the GR.7 have the capabillity to carry the Tpod on the middle of the gun pods like on the AV-8B?

Wrong, it is something else

It’s not a Tpod, I know, its just an example. The question still remains.

No i mean to what i wrote bofore, i edited it and im looking into it rn

TIALD was only carried in place of a gunpod, and I think I’ve only seen Sniper in the same spot. There isn’t anything stopping them from wiring it up to a different station it just wasn’t done to my knowledge.


Ye, i think this place was mostly drop tank or whatever that is

That is a photo is of a GR.7, and the thing in the middle isn’t a targeting pod.


I just scrolled down the list of new comments and replied to the first one I saw. But to answer your question I’ve never seen or heard of a British Harrier with a centreline targeting pod.

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That is a DJRP (Vinten Digital Joint Reconnaissance Pod)

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Which TIALD pod do we have in-game currently? 400 or 500? is there much difference between them?

TIALD 500 has double the zoom and a new thermal imager

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Knowing Gaijin, probably a pre production TIALD pod they found some obscure reference to with worse optics


Nah, 400
Source :

I think when we talked about changes to the Tpod we have in game, and that was talked bout it must be it

or make suggestion let it change to TIALD 500

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I cant do it, i have 0 sources on 500

Flame probably has some detailed documents. That man and Gunjob are going to lift Britain out of the dark ages and bring us into the light.


Who knows. We can report and suggest as much as we want. Whether it is added or no is up to snail.

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Ladies and gentlemen I give you

I would like to thank @shar for donating this to me. Aeroguide 26 British Aerospace Harrier GR5 GR7 PDF | PDF
Without him this wouldn’t be possible.