BAe Harrier II (UK versions) - Technical data and discussion

Maybe they are holding better ordnance for the Gr.9 or even Tonka Gr.4, who knows…

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The MAWS for GR7 is in progress but there are a few technical hurdles to solve first. No time frame as of yet.


I imagine it wouldn’t come outside of a major update, I’m glad to hear they’re working on it, but I hope we finally get something polished that won’t need months of tweaking to work properly… *looks at tornado FM/all the issues we had with Harrier’s targeting systems

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Any update about GR.7’s loadout?

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Didn’t ask in time, but maybe the next feedback. The reports are all in.


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Its certainly interesting that they seem so very resistant to adding the AP warhead variants of the -65 to the aircraft that carried them considering that they all effectively use the IIR seeker of the -65D, it has less explosives mass at 80lbs (the 125lb figure is likely for the all up weight of the Warhead of the HEAT design, so not accurate for the Explosive mass) and can only be carried one per station. Its not like they are considering the -65H/J/K, which use a CCD, though they should apparently have 3x the lock on range of the Electro-Optical seekers against tactical targets.

They really do need to look at revising the lock on ranges and correcting the ground track behavior to be more realistic to ease the way for progressing the gradual implementation of F&F ordnance and SPAA balance since things are going to get far more difficult once we hit the next range band and begin to transition towards standoff ordnance, especially those with capacity for post release control / retargeting or loitering.

wow my massge from ru forum

Please stay on topic people, if you wish to discuss the Gripen please start another thread.

Nobody create new thread for 4th gen fighter aircraft from Swedish Air Force Saab JAS39 Gripen, History, Performance & Discussion

I look forward for a long time 😞

So you guess dev might plan consider new VTOL subsonic attack aircraft toptier better Harrier GR.7 at rank VIII for great britain tech tree maybe Harrier GR.9A or Multirole light combat aircraft BAE Hawk 200 this year ?

SHar FA2 with AMRAAM is my guess for what we’ll get next. GR9 would be good, but if the Gr7s correct loadout is too op for the game at the moment, so would the Gr9s

Ngl I don’t think the shar is coming soon; it’s going to be pretty mediocre.

Which is why I think its going to be next. No way they give F3 AMRAAM in the Fox 3 update so its either SHar Fa2 or none at all. I think its also why the FRS1 still hasnt been finished, they working on both together

So you guess dev can add AGM-65G maverick & AIM-9M on Harrier GR.7 Q3 ?

Or gaijin could add Harrier GR.9A with AIM-9M sidewinder, Sniper ATP, AGM-65G-2 Maverick & Brimstone 1 this year ?

I think neither for at least another year

If AGM-65Ds are the best we can get on the Gr7, despite being Ahistorical, then more advanced AGM-65s or Brimstone have no chance currently. Aim-9M maybe, but I doubt we’ll see those until maybe Q4 this year or Q1 next year and even then, may not be added onto Gr7

I can maybe see the Gr9 being a premium, but I think its too early for it

Could’ve just have been a lack of information on the Blast Penetrator Fragmentation Mavericks. My internal report covers them properly now. But yes the British Harrier II’s only operated the non-HEAT Mavericks.

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Yeah, we can hope. Though I can see it also being deliberate to curve it being too strong. Many complain about their range and strength currently.

I mean if you’ve two SPAA within 10-15m you might get a double kill, but for the most part they should be as lethal as the HEAT Mav’s.

Ah, though I’d imagine the more modern variants though would have longer ranges and be more accurate? Or is the difference between all the variants warhead type?

Though what little I know about Brimstone, I definetly dont see those for a while.