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During the late 1990’s the SANDF was looking to replace the aging Ratel fleet with more modern ICV’s. In 2002 ARMSCOR issued a contact to four local defence companies which were given the task to design a new ICV for the defence force, this included development studies and full-size mock-ups being build. ARMSCOR however was not completely satisfied with the results and by 2005 open the contact to international companies, only giving one year to submit a proposal and budget for a new ICV. Due to the requirements only one bid was received, being the Patria ICV from Finland. The Patria ICV would however not be adopted as is and would receive various modification making it more suitable for the SANDF needs and the climate it would have to operate in, the Patria ICV would also receive a new name, being called the Badger. The Badger was different from the Patria, having received a dedicated bush protection kit to enhance its durability when used in the African bush. The Badger features a dual hull to increase survivability against HEAT and kinetic projectiles and can also be fitted with add on armour on the frontal arc of the vehicle and on both sides of the hull. The Badger also features a mine protection hull which absorbs the blast from landmine detonations. The Badger comes in 6 different variants, the one which will be focused on in this forum post is the Badger SV (Section Variant), fitted with the Denel LCT-30 turret. The Badger makes use of a Denel 30mm dual-feed cannon, housed in the LCT turret which can complete a full 360 degree rotation in 13 seconds with elevations from -10 to +30 degrees. The Badger’s 30mm can fire singe shots or make use of the rapid fire three round burst mode.


Main Armament: one Denel 30mm dual-feed cannon

Main Ammunition total: 400+

Ammunitions type: APFSDS, SAPHEI

Secondary: one 7.62mm MG

Secondary Ammunition total: 4 000

Crew: 4 (driver, gunner, commander, loader)

Combat weight: 28t

Engine: Scania Diesels engine

Horsepower: 543hp

Gearbox: Automatic ZF gearbox (7 forward, 1 reverse)

Top Speed: 104 km/h

Thermal/Night sight: Yes

Smoke grenades: Yes

Laser warning system: Yes

Primary sources:

-Surviving The Ride, written by Steve Camp & Helmoed Romer Heitman (Page 198-200)

-South African Armoured Vehicles “A history of innovation and excellence” written n by Dr Dewald Venter (Page 86-91)

-Denel Advance Modular Infantry Combat Turret brochure

Secondary Sources:

-Tank Ensyclopedia: Badger - Tank Encyclopedia


Same gun i believe

Along with same turret baring the atgms on the side

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Looking real decent, +1


This is the variant with extra ammo stowage in place of crew capacity, correct? That variant is a +1 from me

+1, I hope they add ATGM’s to it.

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