Backups in ARB are totally useless

Backups are totally useless on air battles since you have one chance only to spawn, it would be good if they worked as “free repairs” or at least lowered the repair cost somehow


So are any crewslots after the first one.
Not every feature of the game has uses in every mode.

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IMO backups should be exchangeable for a free repair. It would give plane backups a good use


The supposed idea is they try and get you to give a go on everything.

Well then make this reward of free backup to not be possible to drop while playin ARB then,…

This is stupid to see quch feature being drop from a mode you can’t use it.

crewslots dont have anything to do with backups

No, they have everything to do with not being relevant to ARB in the same fashion as Backups.

ARB does not need crew slots or backups. However my previous comment still stands. Rewards (trophies) are not linked to modes other than specific vehicle rewards (a free modification).

Again, Gaijin focus on players using all modes and vehicles, if people want to use them (most modes use them) then the thought is to use them on different modes.

Even though yes a backup is basically a free repair for all other users. Which is where I agree the idea for ARB to have a use for backups in such a way is an interesting idea.