Backup in battle

The recent update bring posibility to use backup without giving them to vehicle in modification menu. now its just in battle. And its annoying and confuzing (did i use that vehicle?its ligh up so no? but yes?). Is thera a way to disable it. i dont wont to see that i can spawn i 3.0 vehicle everymatch i play on low tier.


The golden card icon appears when you hover your mouse over the vehicle you wish to spawn, if you don’t see it, you haven’t spawned it yet.

It’s pretty small.
The change is meant to streamline the consumption of backups, so people do not hoard them.
If people hoard them, they will likely never spend any in-game currency to buy any.
It’s definitely designed to be a F2P ploy.


It also appears on the “to battle” button on top of the vehicle.

The worst change was when they added timers to boosters. Ngl, i just horde all if that stuff from boosters, orders, and back-ups. I dont remember the last time i have used any of them.

As long as there’s no expiration timer on them, I don’t see the problem. If you can’t police your own backup expenditure, that’s on you.

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You realize they made it simpler to spend them, so you would spend them more easily, right?
It’s very easy to accidentally use them too.
They placed a burden on the consumer that will result in some accidental backup consumptions.
There was already enough confusion due to their subtlety enough for someone to create a thread.
They know what they’re doing.

The feature in question shows you an icon that indicates that a booster will be consumed AND it asks you a yes/no prompt if you want to spend the booster before spawning the vehicle. You can only accidentally use one if are so completely zoned out that you don’t look at anything or read anything, but paying just enough attention to see the prompt and click “yes”. I can’t find a nice way to describe a person who might do that, so I won’t try.

The thing I don’t understand is that the fewer backups you have (meaning, presumably, the more precious they are to the person in question) the more convenient this feature is. If I only have 5 backups, I don’t want to assign them to a tank I think I’ll need them on, then open a battle trophy and get 3 for that tank in the next fight, and now have effectively wasted my universal backups. Now I can use just one at a time at the moment I need it.

Honestly, I always felt that this feature was absent from the game because Gaijin wanted some of your backups to always be wasted by players trying to guess which tanks to put them on ahead of time instead of giving them the luxury of using them “on demand”.

No, I find it a massive improvement in player comfort, and I 'm very happy that this was introduced.

It’s well visible too I find.


and for @Schindibee
They could have added some color to the tank you used, so you know you used it already.


I personally like it, because there are lots of times I would like to spawn a vehicle a second time but I’m not able to because I wouldn’t normally put backups on it. I haven’t accidentally used backups by mistake either.

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While it could be improved for ease of seeing quickly, I for one am very happy to see this QoL improvement.

Sure, it gets me to use them more, but I often forget to apply backups to my vehicles given how gaijin tends to plonk them on some vehicles anyway.

Overall nice change imo.

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I don’t object to the feature, but I do think it’s bad U/I that slows down your respawn by a couple seconds each time.

I’d like to be able to see at a glance which vehicles I still have “natural” backups on, versus ones I have to spend to get, without mousing all around the lobby menu to check all the mouseovers for the “golden ticket”. It wouldn’t have been too hard for them to do that, with an added color differentiation on the base image. Only doing the new state change on the mouseover as opposed to the base gif/png as well is just bad, lazy U/I, and people probably shouldn’t be defending them cutting corners on the quality of life stuff like that.

I agree, you don’t need to asssign them before the match, hence you won’t forget it.

I use them like a crackhead. lol. Must. Not. Accept. Defeat!

The Snale is probably pleased that it found a way to get the player to deplete their backups for it, since it couldn’t just make them expire like it tried the first time.
Now if only you could convert the plane backups into universal ones…

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I am super happy with this new feature!

My only beef is the backups I already assigned to all my vehicles, hundreds in total.
Would be nice if the just went back to the main pool of backups…but not a big deal.

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I think there should always be one free and unlimited Backup per match, so you always have a second chance. For a third you need to sacrifice a Backup which are not free.

very annoying function. prevents me from continuing the game.

Play the assaults. Winning gives free backups.

I don’t need backups or busters. To me it’s trash. Useless trash. It would be better if there was an opportunity to exchange this for crew experience. Hélas…

Spoken like a true wallet warrior!