BA-64 (PTRS) : fun car with anti-tank rifle.

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BA-64 PTRS: This is a very unique and rare vehicle, but it does exist with photographic proof! It is lucky that I found it.


In 1941, the only light armoured car in service of the USSR was the BA20M, and it was getting obsolete. Seeing the success of the Sd.kfz 221/222’s , it needed a replacement. So GAZ developed an armoured car based on the GAZ 64 car. The original BA-64 only had a 7.62mm machine gun which was quite lacklustre, so there were attempts to up arm the vehicle, for example the SG-43 machine gun, the DShK 12.7mm heavy machine gun and the PTRS-41 anti-tank rifles. The PTRS has shown promise in defeating lightly armoured vehicles, even some medium tanks, but production attempts were halted due to the development of the BA-64D and only a very few amount of BA-64 with PTRS were tested. There were also some unofficial field modified BA-64s to carry the anti-tank rifles.

Playstyle and In-game stuff:

The BA-64 PTRS (from now will be called PTRS car for simplicity) will fit perfectly at br1.0 rank 1. The PTRS car can penetrate about 49 mm of armour at point blank range, which is even better than the T-60. With High speed and 7.62mm proof armour, the PTRS car can play very well in the flanking role. High fire rate makes it able to engage on multiple enemies at a time. You can even bring it up to 6.0-8.0 range to hunt down IFV’s and light tanks, see the enemies rage for fun !!


Armour: rolled steel

Front: Hull top- 12mm at 40 deg , Hull middle- 6mm at 84 deg , Hull bottom- 9mm at 30-52 deg.

Sides: Top- 6-9mm at 30 deg , Bottom- 6-7mm at 30 deg.

Back: Top- 9mm at 30 deg , Bottom- 6mm at 35 deg.

Others: Hull roof- 6mm , Hull floor- 4mm.

Turret: all round 9mm, open topped

Weight: 2.36 tons

Mobility: 50 hp GAZ-MM engine , power to weight is 21.19 hp/t , top speed 80 km/h , 4x4 drive

Armament: PTRS-41:

Armour Pen (14.5mm BS-41 armour piercing shell, weighing 70g)
Screenshot (116)

Muzzle velocity: 1020-1060 m/s (sources differ)

Fire rate: 15 rounds/m , 5 rounds in a clip

Shells: B-32 , BS-41 (tracer shell)

gun angles: turret can rotate 360 degrees, elevation 54 deg and depression -13 deg (judging by the increased size of the rifle and its placement)

Crewmates amount: 2 (driver and commander)


Length: 3660mm

Width: 1530mm

Height: 1900mm

Clearance: 210mm


BA-64 with ptrs antitank rifle : r/Warthunder

Pin on Military vehicles

BA-64 armored car: post-WWII use – wwiiafterwwii

The front BA-64 has the PTRS anti tank rifle.

Soviet BA-64 scout car

By tank encyclopaedia




+1, this would be a perfect reserve wheeled vehicle.

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The 14.5mm round is surprisingly capable. Couple that with a semi-automatic rifle and I think this guy could be a potent foe on the battlefield! +1

I voted yes on the OG post and again fully support it here! This is such a fun vehicle and I REALLY wanna play it! +1

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The Germans have 3 reserve vehicles, lets let the soviets have 3 too!

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+1 it’s similar than sdkfz 221(Pz B 41). Tier 1, 1.0 BR funny small Armored car. Why not ?

What’s the PTRS like at longer ranges? I see you said 46-49mm at point blank, but what about 100 metres? 500 metres? Is it going to be viable?

It basically uses the same stats as the PVKT 14.5 AP-I(c) shell, but it is semi automatic 5 round clip. So here are the stats for 0 degrees from the vertical:
10m: 49mm
100m: 46mm
500m: 34mm
1000m: 23mm
1500m: 16mm
2000m: 11mm

So you can destroy panzer 3/4 side armour flat side on under 600 meters. Also it will be quite easy to aim with more than 1km/s muzzle velocity.


This would be pretty fun, game could always use more AT rifles.

(There’s the L3/33 and the new 39M Csaba. Are there any others ingame that I’m forgetting?)

Not to mention with a shoulder-stop, so you can get shots off quickly after braking.

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If Gaijin approves, I want the AS42 with the Solothurn rifle.

Yeah, that thing is also very cool. I wanna make a suggestion on it, but I am just a bit too busy.

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I had “done” it in the old forum, and they told me (in short) “The vehicle would be easy to do but useless”.

Who told you that, the moderators or gaijin employees? It’s a perfectly viable vehicle, since both the AS42 with the autocannon and the Solothurn AMR are in the game in the Italian TT.

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Not useless when the Csaba uses similar autocannon and same ammo. It maybe eve faster than the Csaba. Just import the suggestion from the old forum 👍.

The Clown Car…I remember this horrifying, game breaking, monstrosity back from Red Orchestra. 1,000,000 no votes…

Ba 64 122

A moderator of the Italian TT. I was shocked.

Similar weapon yes, but different rate of fire and penetration if I’m not mistaken.

My comrade, you are using different game and a totally different expirience to judge what is going to be in War Thunder. Infact if this vehicle gets added, it will be far from monstrosity and will require skill and extensive knowlage in where to shoot and aim.