Awful grind GRB/ARB

Hi, i fill flustreated of amount of battles need to be played to reach top tier. In lower BR,s amount of gaining RP is fine because u need to reach level somewhere between 50 000 - 100 000 RP to unlock vehicle. Converting it on amount of played battles its fine. But in situation like main when I start reaserch vehickles from 9.0-9.3 BR’s it starts to be flustrating, especially when i have in a back of my head that it will be worse. I am no premium player and i didint spend any money on this game and i will not. For people like me unlock one vehickle from top tier means to played somewhere around 180 battles (my average RP gain from game is 2500), and as we all know u need 4-5 vechikles for every line up and in meanwhile you need to unlock AIR as well. So my coclusion is that Gaijin should give us more RP per battle becouse otherwise i dont know if i will have enough will to end this tech tree not event mensioning about starting another one (im playing Germany tech).

I can only recommend playing for the fun of it. The grind runs in parallel and you shouldn’t pay too much attention to it. Because if you invest a lot of time in the grind just to get to the top, you can be very disappointed when you get there and it’s actually no fun.
I don’t play top tier myself because the stories here in the forum give me enough reason to stay away from it.
Especially as I’m too stupid above 8.0 and I wouldn’t be an enrichment for the teams.


Yup, the ground grind is objectively awful. I say this as someone who has premium.

So yeah, play for fun, or spade every vehicle i guess.

I have the same problem, I can have 6 battles on ARB 11.0 where I won’t do anything,either an ally will kill me or the match will be over in 2 minutes, I played 11.7 leopard 2a6 yesterday,I had 3,000 points and my friend with a premium account barely had 1,000 and he only got the same RP as me.

Yep, RP mainly linked to activity time, SL to activities in that time; short matches mean short earnings, or matches with little ability for activity in said time.

Gaijin: Play longer matches for better rewards.

Also Gaijin: How bout some auto ticket bleed. 🤡

In air somehow the grind is several times easier, yet ground has always been significantly worse for some reason.

You know what is the worst thing about this? These people claiming that staying longer and getting more kills gets you more RP, which is complete bull.

14 kills, 10 ground, 4 air and only 12k RP for what essentially was a 20 minute game. Granted we lost but Gaijin REALLY needs to get their act together and actually REWARD people who perform well.


Our teammates did absolutely well too, props to them for getting over 9+ kills and not quitting.
Reward excellence for once Gaijin. You can make the same amount of RP in two, 5 minute games rather than wasting 20+ minutes with 14 kills.

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You seem to be confusing Score, RP, and SL.

SL is from activities
RP is for time
(Score does not directly link to either, but more to activities)

RP is and always has been more limited. If you did “well” (which is objective) but lost then your team does not deserve the bonus mulitiplier, you lost, getting kills is not the goal of WT (it is as basic as to win, as you get a bigger bonus, that is it).

Yes, earnings do not increase with BR, the costs do. You got what you “deserved”, far more than less successful players on your team.


gaijin extremetly reduce the rp gain. in the last few years

So, whot we should do as a players to convince Gaijin for changes?

Nothing, because it’s their business model. They keep the servers running and the team paid because people buy premium times and vehicles. While I respect you for being a full free to play player, you are entitled to the rewards of someone who is a free to play player. If you want to grind faster, grab some premium when it’s on sale. It’s worth because of the benefits and you support the game.

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Ground RP is probably capped at around 6k for free to play, 12k with premium or so and 24k with premium vehicles, so at some point they reimplemented the cap they said they removed.

Yeah, buy premium and premium vehicles and experience the slightly less shitty grind but feel worse because you actually paid for it.

I don’t feel bad buying premium time and premium vehicles.

I know we love to complain about the game in here, but it’s unique enough to me so I can justify buying that stuff supporting the game and making my grind a fair bit easier.

And your grind still sucks.

It just sucks a tiny bit less.

First key is long survival, if needed with a backup.

The cap is formed by 100% activity and the max. match time.

You don’t want to play 9.0 or 9.3 believe me haha it sucks.

It’s becoming the first game in history where getting to the endgame has less appeal.

Enjoy 8.0, 8.3 8.7.

On the other hand it’s normal, if you don’t pay you don’t progress fast. It is a company not save of children.