AWACS and aerial refueling

To start this off to make these things needed in game we need to 4x the ASB maps. With that out of the way these things would add so much more depth to the game. The bigger map would also allow more objectives and allow for more complex gameplay.

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I agree with this (for larger maps, of course). I think the current large maps are large enough to allow for refueling over the respective air bases and we should replace the current “surveillance” objective with AWACS which actually functions (i.e. calls out enemy contacts).

At the same time/ or perhaps instead of they should also re-do the “Air Alert” voice to include DISTANCE as well as Altitude (and the Altitude should be in Feet for anyone speaking English)


We had air refueling, who knows what happened to that.

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adding each team’s AWACS in the top 2 and bottom 2 rows of each map

their Detection range is almost half the map, so there’s a H shaped blind strip in the middle and the sides of the map

every enemy player within the AWACS detection zone is visible as in Air AB, new aircraft that get into it’s detection range of your AWACS get pinged with an audible BRAA type call, those not within detection range of your AWACS have no marker at all, like in Ground RB

taking down the enemy AWACS takes a large amount of their tickets and turns them into sitting ducks, giving high rewards and a new award for taking down the enemy AWACS, defending your AWACS also gives high rewards

once the enemy AWACS is down your AWACS moves closer to the center of the map


each team has 2 Tankers in random side parts of your team’s side of the map, the tanker is always within detection range of your AWACS

if your aircraft is able to be refuled in the Air you can “get in line” behind the tanker, from then your instructor refules the plane fully, the player has to do nothing unless he uses Full real controls

taking down an enemy tanker gives high rewards, but not as high as taking down an AWACS

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