AV-8B/AV-8B+ for the US

And? Ctrl+C Ctrl+V is all it takes to add AV-8B.

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If it was going to be added to Italy it should have been added to the US at the same time. Or even in an update after. But not adding it because the US is already getting a new plane is wrong


If it was an issue of needing to make a new model it would be understandable but it’s already completed and in the game it just needs to be copied to the US then change the skin.

Or if it’s an issue of the US not needing any new CAS at its BR then we probably will never see it in game because the US can have so many multirole aircraft that dedicated attackers are not needed.

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In this game, the winning rate of the top GRB in the United States is too low, or it is still not given to AV8B+, which is obvious discrimination.

USMC AV-8B Plus copy paste model from AV-8B Plus in italy tech tree except AGM-65E Maverick because AGM-65E for USA aircraft only (USAF, USMC & USN) and Harrier GR.5A (RAF)

At least, I expect gajin considered added AV-8B Night Attack after A-7 Corsair II before AV-8B Plus in Q3

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It’s just lazy at this point, there’s been no good reason for it not to be added this update other than “The US is getting the F-15C”. So what? It’s already in the game and other nations can get more than 1 aircraft per update so why can’t the US?

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I want gajin add AV-8B Night Attack for USA before AV-8B Plus for USA tech tree because equivalent Harrier GR.7 (RN) in ground RB, armed IR AAM AIM-9 sidewinder only (AIM-9L & AIM-9M), equipped AN/AAQ-28(V) Litening II targeting pod, AGM-65 Maverick (AGM-65E & AGM-65F), Paveway II LGB and Paveway III LGB. but lose AN/APG-65Q radar

I believe AV-8B Night Attack no problem for gajin mod

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Either of them would be great to add, I do think the AV-8B Plus would be better to add for this update since it would be easy for them to do but if either one of them were I’d still be happy

AV-8B Harrier II Plus better AV-8B Night Attack in BVR tactic. and armed JDAM (GBU-32(V)2/B &
GBU-38(V)2/B) and GBU-54/B Laser JDAM

AV-8B Night Attack like AV-8B Plus but lose AN/APG-65Q radar and none JDAM (GBU-32(V)2/B & GBU-38(V)2/B) & GBU-54/B Laser JDAM

JDAM’s might be a bit much right now but I can’t see why either of them couldn’t be added now. The AV-8B Plus is obviously just the current AV-8B Plus for Italy and the AV-8B NA is just a US Harrier GR 7.

Someone at Gaijin must be allergic to new adding any attackers to US so that’s why they won’t add them

I think the chances of an AV-8B coming next update are much higher since Gaijin doesn’t want more than 2 vehicles to a line in each rank of the TT. Hope that an update for the Dev server comes with the a US AV-8B if not this update then next update

Gaijin should add this, its ridiculous the US is denied it own jet.


Comment about it here in the Dev Server forum space.

Hopefully they will actually add it or give a proper reason if it gets enough attention

I just hope, when AV-8B NA and B+ are inevitably added, neither of them will be premium or event - like you said, the AV-8B+ should obviously be tech tree since Italy already has it, but the NA being a GR.7 equivalent at a lower BR would be nice as well.

If anything, the most basic AV-8B should be a premium or event.

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The sad thing is though is that it’s entirely possible that Gaijin adds them as non-tech tree. That is though if they can be bothered to add them in the first place

This game is full of prejudice against American products

The answer is:gaijin keep thorwing some vehicle to some nations not belong to them who still could earn more new wallet warrior to fulfill gaijin’s own packet,not only av8b for Italy,leopard2A7 for Italy,jas39C for Italy.if there’s no such thing many old player won’t even take a look at Italy.but now someone may even considering paying for them.

Are you really going to pay extra for one of your favorite vehicles which is not on its original nation?
If u said no,gaijin will keep preventing u get it on tech trees which u had already finished researching to try taking money out of your wallet

it’s boo boo at a2a from stock because it has aim9l’s and doesn’t have the speed and resources to defeat MICA and r77.

(+) it’s 4 9L’s are a tier 3 mod. good fm tho, can 1v1 f15’s and such.

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