AV-8B/AV-8B+ for the US

The AV-8B plus was added in the Italian tree three patches ago, but the US still doesn’t have its second generation harriers until this day.

While it’s not unprecedented that certain vehicles were added to the exported nations in game before they were introduced to their nation of development, it’s quite unusual to take this long. The F-5A was added to the Chinese tech tree before the US, but F-5C and F-5E were added to the US tree literally the next patch. The UK got the export South African JAS-39C before Sweden does, but it’s already announced that Sweden will get the jet in the March patch.

So what’s wrong with the harrier? It was added in the September patch, but was not added to the US in the November update, and is still missing in the December patch. What’s the reason behind this delay? You already have a perfect working model and all the armament, the only thing needed is a USMC skin. Can we get a expected date?



The M8 is only found as an event vehicle in the US tree while it’s a reserve in the Chinese Tree

Gaijin doesn’t care about historical accuracy


They got them at the same time. The name is the only difference between the A and C at the moment.

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Becuase they got the F-16C, F-111 and F-15A in the past 3 months. How much do you really want/what would have gotten rid of to get the Harrier?

(Not too mention the 3x F-16 and F-14B they got last year too)

Its literally the A in every single respect. Cockpit and all. Nothing that makes the C, the C, has been added to it yet and the Gripen still has the F-16s radar, not its own. Britain had to get something, anything as we’ve been on 11.3s since December, there were several options, with the Gripen coming Sweden, it was an easy add due to south africa, but they only operated the Gripen C. Thus the Gripen A with the Gripen C name.


@Winnie-The-Poo I personally expect gajin add AV-8B Night Attack from USMC after A-7E before AV-8B Plus because would be 11.3 ~ 11.7 BR at rank 8, equipped Paveway II LGB & Paveway III LGB like Italian AV-8B plus, short-range anti radiation missile AGM-122A Sidearms and AGM-65E Maverick but no Litening II targeting pod

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Having other alternatives is not an excuse to not have a vehicle added, the AV-8B is a US modified vehicle that’s in USMC service and people want to have it represented in the game.

It’s also a different airframe and offers a different play style than those ones you mentioned.

“Because you already have X, you shouldn’t get Y”. What kind of logic is this? It’s like saying, why not remove all of the P-47s since you already have P-51s and F4Us at the same BR anyway? You realize how ridiculous this sounds?

Besides, AV-8B does have its purpose in the US tech tree, being classified as a 11.7 attacker, you won’t uptier your ground line-up if you take it as your CAS option instead of the F-16s.

And since attackers and fighters SP are counted differently in ground RB, it would be way easier to spawn 2 jets since the death of your fighter won’t affect the spawn point of an attacker.


The US got 7 aircraft last year. 7. You wanted to get 8. Britain got 2. Sweden got 1. Most nations averaged about 3.

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And F-111 is at a different BR, totally unrelated. I don’t even know why you would bring that up.

Because it’s a new aircraft…

There is only so many things that can be added at once. You didn’t get the Harrier in November because they added the F-111A instead (a brand new airframe)

You didnt get the Harrier in December because they added the F15A instead (a brand new airframe)

Simple. You might get it in March with AMRAAM, you might not. You might get the F15C MSIP instead.

So? In Air RB you would spawn 1 vehicle anyway. Ground RB — probably 2 if you had a really good game. It’s not like you got a massive air line-up with 8 spawns and mess up the whole balance anyway

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What!? That is totally irrelevant. It’s about what can be added per update. US got a new aircraft every. Single. Update. Last year. Including the best CAS in the game. The F14B and F16C. Harrier might be different, but that is irrelevant. It couldnt be added because you got different aircraft in those updates instead.


Unless you are expecting the US to get 2 or more aircraft in every single update. But then that would literally mean no other nation in game would ever get anything. Only a finite amount of stuff can be added per update. And there are 10 nations in war thunder… Not 1.

They don’t need to make a new model or anything, AV-8B+ was already added to Italy 3 patches ago, literally the only thing needed is a new skin.

And who says they can’t add 2 jets in a single update? US got 2 F-16As in the Apex predator patch.



We don’t exclude the possibility that the American tree will get it’s own Harrier II at some point in the future, however we have no news on a spesific timeframe for it at this moment in time.

As for why it didn’t come in the time between the Italian Harrier coming, simply the US already had other vehciles planned for those updates.

The Italian tree was far more in need of modern CAS options (something we said before we were working on with both the AV-8B and AMX), whilst other airframes were planned for the US. It remains an option open to being added to the US tree in the future.


The American tree has 300 jets, and it’s the 8+ that’s bothering you? In Italy, 90% of jets are f104 or worse than that, give it a break.

I’m not worried gaijin add AV-8B Night Attack without AN/AAQ-28(V) Litening II under LTV A-7 Corsair II to rank 8 for USA tech tree before AV-8B Plus (USMC) and would be lower AV-8B+ ( Marina Militare) 11.7 BR

gaijin doesn’t care much for the harriers if you hadn’t noticed. shitty flight models, shitty damage models, and straight up wrong suspended armaments. i mean for gods sake the harrier gr1 still has the sraam instead of aim9bs.


I hope you enjoyed your break :)

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And who the heck said Italy shouldn’t get it? you’re really good at twisting people’s words. No one said it’s not a needed and welcomed addition to the Italian tree.

I’m simply asking for the same jet for the US, considering the airframe and model are clearly 100% to be added since a while ago. Did I say anything about Italy shouldn’t have it?

A friend of mine is a USMC barrier pilot and I want a US version of the jet in-game, Do you have a problem with that?

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Harrier IIs are fine in the game, the AV-8B+ and GR.7 are very maneuverable with good A2A and CAS weaponry.