US should get the AV-8B

The AV-8B was added to the Italian air tree almost a year ago back in the Son’s of Atilla update and still isn’t in the US tree. With the introduction of AMRAAM’s and the Sea Harrier FA 2 this update would have been the perfect time to add the AV-8B to the US. But no because the US is getting the F-15C it cannot get the AV-8B. The US built and used the AV-8B in active service for a while and being in the game and not for the US is a joke, especially when it could be added in an update that would be perfect for it.


I honestly can’t see why it shouldn’t be added to the US. Hopefully it does in this update and we see that possibly in a second dev server or we get it next update a year after it was given to Italy


If the US got the AV-8B, it’d put them on roughly the same level as Britain for this patch, and that’d be just fine with me. I do play both nations so that’s fun.