Automatic enable towing button (default: O) when getting immobilzed/damaged

I noticed that many people can be saved if they ever pressed the O button (to enable towing) when they getting immobilized/damaged. But few people actually use it and if they finally realized they could it’s already too late. So my suggestion is to enable towing automatically when getting immobilized/damaged. And make it an option in the menu to disable it if people really don’t want this. But default state it should be on automatically.

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Makes sense to and would incentivise more cooperation now that toxicity is reduced (still annoyed that PvE is a joke as i really do not like PvP… like at all and WT is just driving the point home harder than getting cooperation)

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It makes sense to me for towing to be automatically enabled once a vehicle is immobilised. This should be an on/off option.

Recovery of a friendly vehicle under fire is a procedure which needs awareness and quick response. At present there is no indicator that a friendly vehicle is immobilised other than visual indicators (damaged track, fire), and immobilised players will typically be concentrating on returning fire rather than checking behind them to see if any teammates would be able to drag them into cover.

That’s a solid recommendation!
Would definitely make use of that.

Knowing the playerbase, the moment I get damaged, someone would pull me out into the open. Disagree.

The OP stated that you would be able to disable this feature if it isn’t to your liking.

People don’t change default settings. Most of the community doesn’t know you can opt out of joining the battles already in-progress. They wouldn’t turn it off, and then they’d cry on reddit. The only option would be an opt-in toggle, if anything.

Alright, even assuming that this is correct it wouldn’t matter.

Towing someone into the open would leave the tower exposed too, why would anyone disadvantage themselves in such way? It doesn’t add up.

And why people team-kill in Air RB even if it costs them the SL? Because they can and because they think it’s funny.

I have to say no even though I like the reason behind it. Because even if you enable this feature to be towed to safety, its only useful in urban locations where you can be pulled around corners. Cant do it in a middle of a field or a street with no turns. Maybe you can pop smoke and pull that person in to it and reposition them. But the reason I don’t want it is even if I consciously enabled it, is if I was in a position where I got my mobility taken out but not my weaponry. And I was about to shoot back. Only to miss the shot because someone thought they were helping by pulling me back. “oh well just disable it before you fire” No one thinks like that when they are fighting to kill.