AUSA AUT 18, not good but not bad

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In the interwar period, aeronautical innovation was at its peak, with countries trying to produce the most advanced and capable aircraft. Among these was the AUSA AUT 18, that was the ambitious enterprise of Felice Trojani
The AUSA AUT 18 was a single-engine, monoplane fighter developed by Aeronautica Umbra, a company based in the Umbria region of Italy. The aircraft was designed by Felice Trojani, an engineer with a background in airship design and Arctic exploration.
Trojani’s design was advance for its time, but not perfect. The AUT 18 featured a fully metallic structure with an aluminum covering (this construction was robust but heavy), a retractable landing gear, and offensive armaments integrated into the wings. This design was a significant departure from the biplanes that were common in the era, but still was a step behind the more advanced fighers of the time, both in terms of speed and weapons (the Bf.109 E-4 was put in service in 1939 and it had 2x7.7mm and 2x20mm vs the 2x12.7 of the AUT)
The AUT 18 took to the skies for its maiden flight on April 22, 1939 and the flight test were performed at Guidonia in the same year and the following and they were successful and without any noticeable problem. The plane was transfered between Foligno and Guidonia for refinements and new tests.
Despite its innovative design, the AUT 18 remained a prototype. The Regia Aeronautica, Italian Air Force, was the intended primary user, but the aircraft did not proceed beyond the prototype stage. Only one example was built, and it never saw combat or entered mass production.
The only prototype was lost in time. Some German engineers told Trojani that the AUT 18 was shipped to Germany to treat it, but it’s more likely that the plane was destroyed during a Allied bombing raid.

It boasted ok specifications for its time, with a maximum speed of 489 km/h at 5,000 meters and a service ceiling of 9,000 meters. The aircraft was powered by a Fiat A.80 RC.41 radial engine, producing 1,000 horsepower. The manueverability was truthful but tiresome.

The AUSA AUT 18 was a good plane but not enough to be considered for the active duty, nevertheless it could be a good plane for low tier

Technical Datas
  • Crew: 1
  • Lenth: 8,56 m
  • Wing span: 11,50 m
  • Heigth: 2,88 m
  • Wing area: 18,70 m²
  • Clean weight: 2 325 kg
  • Max take-off weight: 2 975 kg
  • Engine: Fiat A.80 RC.41 radial engine double row 18 cylinder
  • Power: 1 000 CV (735,5 kW)
  • Max speed: 489 km/h a 5 000 m
  • Range: 800 km
  • Celing: 9 000 m
  • Weapons: 2 Breda-SAFAT 12,7 mm machine guns

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The plane


The engine


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Heavy but very sturdy, slower than C.200 and Re.2000 but quicker than G.50. I wonder how it will compare in flight 🤔

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Sure why not, would make for a neat little premium plane. Take my +1


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Additional info:

  • guns with 300 bullets each

  • AUT.18 was initialy from 1934 designed as 2 person heavy aircraft with extensive aerodynamic testing, which was later changed to 1 seater for RA competition.

  • During said competition it gets new engine cover that made it 15km/h faster