Audio for aircraft engine is broken.. again

Was dogfighting in a Yak-3 trying to find an enemy on my tail, but the audio kept glitching out. One moment it sounded like it was below me, the next above me, and the audio of which side of me it was on kept constantly switching pretty much every time i turned my camera to look where I thought I heard it. And for the times where audio wasn’t in the wrong place I simply just couldn’t hear the plane at all.

You’ll love additionally, when the directional sound is actually working, but the Plane / Heli isn’t rendered at all.

It been broke just like ground arb who eve doae audio for gajing should be fore there no directional sounds even when is on stereo no way to disable teammates engine to hear them lower and hear enemy louder with it benefits ao you can know is treated same for jet no directions aound gajing need to work on directional aound better as righ now is all moody wish it relly bad