Attacking battleships and carriers in EC Sim gives you nothing unless you destroy the ship

You can critically damage a ship and get absolutely nothing unless you destroy it. Even if another player destroys the ship you get nothing! Even when the “Useful Tactics” thing shows up you get nothing! Your score will stay at 0 and you will not gain SLs or RP. Only the killing blow counts for points no matter how many times you hit the ship. This is absolutely ridiculous. Did I also mention that once you score a ship kill you get the same amount of points that a death gets you? WUT? Fix this crap Gaijin!


Yeah, Carriers at least need to count like AFs do towards bomb score thingy


More on this. Cargo ships are currently NOT giving out score points and not even counting as kills!

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Yes, this is very annoying, attacking and destroy ship is very hard and waste a lot of times so it never ideal to target them.

Welcome to sim! Gajijn could fix this in an afternoon but why bother? Its just a small inconsistency in game mechanics. Rememeber, everthing else is in order! No other flaws than that, bravo Gajijn.