ATGM no trail?

Took the BMP-3 out for a spin, and now the missile doesn’t have a trail? is this intentional?

They’re beam-riding missiles, there is no control wire like the early TOWs use

I believe he means smoke trail. And yes, it is the same on the BMP-2M, it’s the missiles propulsion type, it’s odd, and its rotation.

There is definitely one or two things that was missing, the smoke trails and the thruster fire or whatever it is called, now it’s extremely difficult to see where your missile went.

I’ve noticed this too, nice to see others have noticed it.

It has no visible rear light from the rocket or tracer and is super wonky to aim right now.

It’s snappy enough of a missile that as long as your on target the whole time your gonna hit it.

It have, but lighted very late.

Yes, you are correct lol it starts to light up like after traveling >500m, I was playing Tunisia and the color of the thruster blended with the environment.