Asking for 1 more extra FPE charge is too much?

In higher tiers of Ground , like 9.0 BR+ . Most of the armor is thrown out of the window since everything can be 1 shot almost by anything . Anyway , I’m using the Strv 121 (fun vehicle , having great time) , but in many battles some times I might get shot 3 times by 1 opponent and all the 3 shots cause my vehicle to get a fire every time

Now , asking for help from a team mate to put out my fire is nearly impossible since most of the time teammates are enemies in blue and just ignore you .

So , having 1 more extra FPE charge is too much or “OP” ? I believe it would help people that want to keep fighting for the win to stay alive and not give up .

I would like your opinion .

(Also the extra FPE not limited only to ground vehicles , don’t know much about Air/Naval but everyone should get benefits)

Maybe shoult ask to make able FPE replenish on cap point?


Thats a brilliant idea! . Yours makes more sense , yeah . That something we should ask if possible by Gaijin