Ash River Ridiculousness

Gaijin, what’s your problem? You took Ash River, made it into a single-objective battle, then shrank the map into a closet-sized clusterf*ck where there’s NO room for maneuver, where all movement is concentrated into the center (objective) of the map, and in so doing all artillery and air strikes are in the center. How many players maneuver killed themselves by going off the (drivable!) map edge now deemed off limits and didn’t have the TIME to drive back? Where’s the opportunity to use some amount of skill - currently the only way to go is Napoleanic or ACW “There’s the objective, everybody bunch up, charge!” Gaijin, have your people gotten hold of some really stanky Afghani hash? Oh, but wait, there’s more! This map has REPEATED at LEAST three times today in about a three-hour period - even immediately after I tagged my non-premium map like/dislike feature to dislike. What’s wrong, did you run out of maps or is that hash killing too many brain cells? Seriously, what’s going on? If you’re trying to get people to buy your stuff, you’re going about it the wrong way. I’m done playing today, which is sad, because I have LOTS of time and opportunity to play this otherwise enjoyable game. Time to go watch TV, read a book, or something else productive.


Ash river is just bad map no matter the mode.


Ash clearly isn’t one of my favorites but I sometimes make it work. But THAT only works when I have the whole map to work with, not this postage-stamp sized abortion thrust upon us.

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This is an insult to all players who don’t want to switch off their brains at spawn and rush straight into the middle.


Look at my original post date - Jan 23. Yesterday, Feb 2, Ash River reared its ugly head yet again with the exact same issues as Jan 23 - reduced map, single objective, AND it repeated for two consecutive battles. The last part really annoyed me as when it first popped up I declined battle and went straight to hangar: sorry team but I’m not about to waste my time on this abortion, I learned my lesson already. So when you do that, Gaijin puts you into a nine minute penalty box (or contempt of court) until you can play again. So, TWO times I went into the penalty box, so that’s 18 minutes of my life that I can’t get back. I would’ve gladly played another battle BUT Gaijin MUST penalize those who refuse to play abortion battles. May we all live in interesting times.

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You could change BR and nation or game mode to avoid the penalty if you wouldn´t play Germany only.

BTW, same bs here:

Ash River is just the same old story. Player gets the down tier and sits on the highest elevation getting ten or more kills on everything below them.

I like games with elevation or rather I accept the diversity but sadly they all seem to play out the same way leading to Gaijin removing the sniping spots and making the elevation pointless in the first place. Vietnam is the same. All sniping spots gone at height so what is the point of the height now?


That´s exactly what you´d do in a real tank when you had only one real life. Trust me.

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I dont need to trust you bro I spent a lot of time in a real tank. Its not about real its about game play and while you and I may accept it many others wont.

Personally, I would be happy with a return to how maps were when I stared out. I accept the pros and cons the good and the bad.

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Me too. And I refuse to play like an idiot just because a bunch of amateurs want me to.


I have not noticed any significant changes to Ash River in arcade battles since the return of this map.

When was the last time you saw terrain like in Ash River et. al. that wasn’t in a national (or amusement) park?
The problem is that the maps are created by the people who design human scale maps for FPS games. They are still doing this. Look at the tank-sized trenches in Flanders.
Ash was never a good map.

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I guess the point is ,make a game with high ground and anybody with sense takes the high ground then everybody else complains.

Trouble is I would rather quit a map than be forced to perform stupid acts. I won’t run around a valley overlooked with sniping spots or cross a road in Flanders that is overwatched from halfway across the map. I won’t stick about in an open desert to be hit repeatedly by a plane.

I have the off-switch option I never had while serving :)


Good suggestion for changing BR - I hadn’t thought of that. As for Cargo Port, I saw this today, Gaijin did the same f*cking thing - crop the map, one OBJ, everyone gaggle and charge. Several battles’ worth. I get the feeling we’re involved in a “Twilight Zone” plot where aliens have us in a petri dish testing our responses.


I´ve seen terrain like Mozdok, Carpathians, Kuban or Sands of Sinai and could play on these maps all day.

In 2022 I visited the town of Vossenack on Hürtgen Forest Map. The terrain is not exactly the same, more simplified but similar. The location of the town with the church is more or less correct although the church itself and the buildings around are constructed differently. The valleys north and south of the town and the hill with the windmill in the north exist, but the windmill is in fact a farm. And of course there are a lot more buildings today, the town is three times larger now.

Gajin seemed to have screwed up a lot of maps lately. Nice to see they have had sense on the Poland maps and reduced the size of the rocks a bit.

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I like Ash River. I like the height problems and i like the sniping positions.

Unless you all know something i don’t, Ash river has A LOT of firing positions, and several can be used to attack others…i recall no “dominant” position. Even the central hill can be snipped from above (and some spots below).

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Its the reason i despise it, its my kryptonite.

Ash River creates three distinct corridors, with three distinct tactical values.

I feel it is safe to say hills give advantage - this is true in real life and in many other games. Lower positions are worth less from tactical standpoint.

With that in mind, theres clearly different tactical value of caps.

Hill allows you to control middle and middle allows to mount more effective pressure against the lowest cap.

Ergo in order to win, one has to at the very least contest the hill, and ideally control it.

This is terrible for players like me that decide their spawn and course of action for the round on this information.

On no other map the difference in tactical values of objectives is so noticable.

Now, if you control hill, you can easily control middle and even easily transit down in order to cap it should the need arise.

But here is the problem - there is no easy way to travel from the middle point to the hill unless you go through either spawn.

So imagine you moved from hill to cap mid and now you are losing hill. See the issue?

This makes me feel im glued to the hill point every game. Maybe the middle if i cant control it from hill.

Middle point is ok but the everpresent mud makes any movement a slog.

And the lowest point?

I cant remember last time i played it. Same issue with transit between points now with extra mud.

This issue of mine cant be solved by “just playing for fun” because playing tactically is how i have fun in this game.

So yeah, current ash river is my kryptonite.

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This is actually what i like in Ash river…the different tactical problem. If all maps were like this, probably it would be a problem…bus as it is, i like it…it plays differently and tactics are actually IMPORTANT…not only aiming skill.

I guess we all have maps we dont like…

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Ash River was one of the very first “New” maps added in either towards the end of tank CBT or shortly after CBT ended, I don’t really remember now. But it was really cool at the time, a LOT of great & fun games were played on it. But it is good to remember that at the time it was implemented, I think “top tier” was maybe 6.7 BR? tier V tops, and even then, they did not place the higher BR’d tanks onto the map anyway. It was seemingly made for the older, smaller, slower tanks with less range and smaller calibre armaments . . and for this, it always worked very well . . . imho. But as time passed and more and more tanks were added, the tiers expanded and higher & higher BRs came into the game as well. There has been and still is a general issue with what BR’s they put to play what maps. Usually too high a BR for the ground map, but sometimes vehicles that are just too small to play a map get stuck on it as well. Tanks seem to have more of that, but also in planes. I play 4.3 BR Air Arcade most of the time to do BP tasks and I can name off several maps that are jet maps and have no business entertaining anything under 6.3. You spend 40 - 60% of your time just flying to where the action is. A fine tuning/tweaking of what plays on which map and/or the same tweaking to the spawn points would eliminate a lot of that. And then you might see less players “hating” on maps as we have now. Personally very few maps I play are “bad” maps, but the vehicles I am playing simply do not belong on them . . . not in the single iteration so many of them have . . . . just my opinion tho
Try doing a ground target task using attackers and take out your 3.3 IL-2’s only to get Rocky Canyon . . . yikes

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