ASB: Map boundaries

This is a request to overhaul how the game handles out-of-bounds travel in 2 key ways:

  1. Ensure AFs are not right on the map-boarder, The number of times i’ve come in to land but from the back of the AF due to enemies in the AO to be randomly teleported of coruse and have to make a crash landing


  1. Been teleported in such a way that has guaranteed that i’ve been killed. Just had a match on Afghanistan, I was close to the edge, but I reckon well within the “map” when I had to go around a crest, got teleported and ended up INSIDE the mountain, which instantly killed me. Definetly need more time to get back onto the map and some guarantees, like minimum teleport alts for surface to ensure you arent killed by it.


flying in the mountains can be dangerous. teleporting planes in the mountains would probably be dangerous too :)

the timer on the map edge should simply be increased a bit before teleporting.

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Yeah, even doubling the timer isnt going to break much. I get why its needed, but its clear it hasnt been updated/changed in a long time. In something like the Tornado, you have to immediately extended wings, maybe even combat flaps, and go into full reheat or you’ll drop like a rock as it doesnt just teleport you, it slows you right down

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teleporting is really not an ideal solution.

maybe the timer should be more than doubled. to really have enough time to quickly fly back to the map.
otherwise you explode. deactivate the teleporting completely?! I don’t know what the best solution is.

Yeah, if we had that solution, we’d need a lot longer timer and a visible timer. Either way, yeah, it really really needs some refinements, was “fine” with WW2 era props, but with Mach 2 jets, not so much

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