Artillery needs to be under powered to powerful!

In game artillery is a complete joke and needs to be changed as the amount of damage it causes is to overwhelming heading towards ridiculous??? World of tanks use to be the same but was changed because so many complaints were made and this is the same in terms of over powerment.

This is WAR Thunder not artillery thunder and I know a lot of players feel the same!

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What are you talking about, Artillery is probably one of the hardest ways to get a kill. Its mostly useful to block their view by maybe once a blue moon you are able to get a kill with it.


If you see orange smoke move


Yes I too believe it’s way too powerful, let’s just take a moment to show how unfair and unbalanced it is:

  • It shows you red flashing text saying you are under artillery fire
  • Then 3 brightly colored flares drop
  • You hear artillery shoot
  • You have to move 15 metres to get out of the artillery strike zone.

Yes, it’s way too powerful. Without at least 150 IQ and anime ability to see 2h into future it’s impossible to avoid.


If you want to experience powerful artillery, then you should play RTS games. In the warthunder , you can only drive one vehicle, and your opponents are almost all tanks. This is completely opposite to the reality. In reality, the proportion of non armored units is very high, and the number of tanks is relatively small. Most of the targets of artillery attacks are those non armored units. To unleash firepower, you also need at least 8 units, which directly occupies half of the team and the map is not that large

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According to you it’s 1 in a million but your just one in a few hundred thousand who play what are you talking about!

Thank you pozdro someone with complete honesty on this forum! So many people on here just comment with their egos inflated

Do you take everything literally or are you just trolling? Cause I didn’t mean literally once in a million.

Can you write that again, but in English?


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Oh god, same guy complaining soviet t34 series.
No offence, but try to play game a bit more.
Artillery is quite useless, and easy to avoid. It’s more like a shame if you get killed by it, or complete meme hit.
Comparing WoT artillery, what you can actually use , aim and shoot on WT artillery, proves that you seriously are either simple or troll.
I cant remember when I’ve been killed by artillery , or gotten kill by it, if not using on light/open tanks.

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Artillery should be even more powerful imho. Especially in top tier, you shoud be getting guaranteed kill if tank stay on the same spot.

People should play open top vehicles and you realize how obnoxious artillery is, you spend half the game just relocating to avoid artillery, which just gets you killed because that means moving out of cover.

Shush he has 3 accounts!!!

Who’s gonna tell him that arty is both referred to as “King of Battle” and “God of War”?

oh yes, and one is just over lvl 52.
Damn I gotta bow on him, he’s still touching grass. :D

If anything I should know cause I main Italy, and all their vehicles have paper armor so anything can kill them but even I know that artillery isn’t a issue.

They also tend to be pretty agile, but playing an M41M sucks, beyond that they’re either enclosed and/or agile enough to relocate.

Italy has the M36B1, ZSU-57-2, M113A1, 90/53 M41M, M42 Centraereo, 47/32 L40 and the Breda 501 (which is still slow with wheels). These are all open top, slow moving vehicles in the Italian TT.

I wouldn’t call most of those necessarily slow to a point where they can’t get away from artillery, especially not the 501.
The M113 is pointless to play anyways and the M36 is mostly enclosed.