Armor of Abrams

Can someone explain to me, something I can’t really understand.
I don’t think that Americans are stupid or broke enough to not add extra layers of armor in the front plate on the Abrams tanks starting from M1 Abrams all the way to M1A2 Sep v2

It’s confusing me, why did Americans not improve the armor as they were going up in tanks… they all have the same layers of armor in the front that can be penetrated easily :/


This is the front armor that I’m talking about:


Because Gaijin believes that NATO has the same level of corruption has the Russian MoD does and that all the billions they spend on the military just get squandered and ends up in the pockets of businessmen and politicians.

Just like Gaijin has no problem relying on Russian propaganda to bolter the Russian vehicles but claims Russians sources are unreliable when it comes to NATO vehicles and NATO vehicles themselves will never get realistic values since Gaijin wants nothing less than classified documentation.


The front armor on the real tank is much better than what is given in the game. You have to understand that the company launched in Russia, and a majority of the developers are russian, and are in no hurry to have a game where the home team looses more due to balancing. Since America is the enemy ( and true armor composition is highly classified ) we get the paper abrams that can get killed if the driver farts wrong while in the tank and will not be fixed any time soon. Suggestion is to abandon playing the American tech tree and only play Russian if you want to have a less frustrating time.


I have both trees, I still get shat on when playing USSR tho, if I agreed with you, we’ll both be wrong

I had a fun time playing US, speak for yourself dude.

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russian bias

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