Armament of the T-4, T-33 and T-2CCV aircraft

This thread on the forum created to inquire about the armament of these three aircraft used by the Japanese.I would like readers to share their knowledge and make their sources public. I will be grateful for any information that will be useful for a future suggestion.
Japan’s newest jet trainer aircraft. I am not able to find sources that state what kind of armament it is capable of carrying. I only know of a test machine with fixed small arms of unknown caliber (7.7 mm or 12.7 mm or 20 mm) and prototype attached twin machine guns of 7.62 mm caliber but they were abandoned in the 1980s.
The T-33 was accepted into service in Japan in 1954. Nowhere have I been able to find whether it was an armed version or not. All I know is that it could carry AN/ALQ-72, J/ALQ-2 ECM capsules and a Chaff J/ALE-2 capsule.
Here the matter is simple, it is necessary to confirm whether it was a modification of the existing T-2 or was built as a new aircraft. If it was a converted aircraft, it has the same armament as the T-2.

I’d be grateful for any answer that would confirm the armament and for the source. Anyone who cites a source can count on a special thank you in future suggestions.

not sure about the T-4 or T-33 but if i remember correctly the T-2 CCV was a Fly-By-Wire testbed that was converted from 1 of the T-2 prototypes but sadly was never armed with anything.

Depending on what prototype it was it might have the capability to mount a cannon, unless any other systems were put in its place.

The T-4 has 5 hard points, only 3 of which are wired for weapons, although underwing tanks only are the usual loadout. The only weapon options I’ve seen mentioned directly are 20mm gunpods, sidewinders, rockets and bombs (probably 1000kg each max). Pictures to confirm anything more exotic remain elusive.

A T-33 used as a fighter lead in trainer would likely be equivalent to the AT-33 but again pics of armed JASDF aircraft are rare. The AT-33 itself had 2x 7.62mm guns in the nose plus 2x pylons rated at 1000lb each so this would likely be the maximum and consist of rockets and bombs only.

T-2CCV was purely experimental. It was unarmed and I don’t recall ever seeing a picture of it even with drop tanks.


The AT-33 itself had 2x 7.62mm guns

Wrong, the T-33/AT-33 has M2 Brownings in the nose

As for the T-4 & T-33, it is a bit like the MU-2K in the sense that they aren’t equipped with any weapons normally however if the situation called for it they can be converted into combat vehicles

The T-2CCV was never armed since it was a Technology Demonstrator aircraft and was never intended for combat