Ariete (P) shouldnt go up unless T-72 Turms goes up along with it

So yeah looks like the soviet 10.0 lineup stays untouched again while the ariete (p) now will get uptiered

The ariete (p) is really not that good in most things compared to say Leo 2A4 only things it has over the 2A4 is DM33


And Gaijin still say “no russian bias”.

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Ariete (P) has slightly better acceleration and slightly better shells than the Type 96 AP and T72AV in the same BR, but the armor is so bad that it should be placed in the same BR as the Type 96 AP and T72AV in any case.

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Agree, all models of Areete in the game are being discriminated against by gaijin, ariete (p) is about to have too high BR, ariete/pso has incorrect air armor, and the transmission of ariete amv has not been modified


Gaijin really love italian vehicles, lol.