Ariete C2 (AMV PT3)

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The C2 Ariete is the final product of Italy’s AMV (Ammodernamento di Mezza Vita) which intends to modernize between 90-125 Ariete’s in order to allow them to remain viable for service with the Italian army until 2035. It is predicted that the first batch of C2’s will be delivered to the Italian army by 2025, which is why I put (AMV PT3) in the title, in case the units delivered in the future have any notable changes compared to the one I’m focusing on in this post.

the C2, or PT3 Ariete combines the improvements made to the hull from the PT1 (currently in game) with the upgrades given to the turret from the PT2. The hull will feature an improved Iveco V12 1,500 hp engine, Renk HSWL 295TM automatic transmission, an improved gearbox, wider DST 570 P0 tracks, improved suspension, and brakes. Meaning this tank can feature a PSO+WAR kit combo, and additional Anti-IED/Mine protection. the turret changes primarily focus on its fire control system, with the commander now has the Attila-D panoramic sight, while the gunner gets the Lothar-SD, both having access to 3rd generation thermal imaging. the tank also received a more modern Ballistic Computer, and electric servo system. The tank also replaces its hydraulic turret drive with an all electric system, and receives a roof mounted Browning 50 Cal HMG.


This is an image of the PT1, but I included it to show what a combined PSO+WAR kit would look like on the Ariete platform

There are other improvements made to the C2/PT3, however I don’t think those will have much if any impact on gameplay. If you wanna read more about the AMV program, I would highly recommend looking at forum posts regarding other AMV prototypes by Nicholas_Concu, as he explained the program in far better detail than I could.

Many of these improvements made to the Ariete were derived from the Centauro II in order to improve logistics between the two vehicles



  • Armament: 1x 120mm OTO Breda L/44 main gun, 1x 7.62mm MG 42/59 Coaxial machine gun, 1x 12.7mm Browning roof mounted HMG
  • Protection: Composite armor (hull and turret), PSO+WAR armor kits, Anti-mine/IED armor kit, Laser Warning Receiver, 8x Smoke launchers
  • Powerpack: Iveco V12 1,500 hp engine
  • Mass: 63 tons (likely with all armor kits included)
  • Crew: 4 (Driver, Commander, Gunner, Loader)





Italian Army Ariete C2 Main Battle Tank Receives EUR 850 Million Modernization Deal - Italian Defence Technologies
Army Guide


THIS is what Italy should have in Rank 8! +1


Damn yes, so we can finally have a good tank for top tier. +1


I mean it isn’t much different gamewise, unless Gaijin does smth to protection of Ariete family in general.


The C2 Ariete has not been made yet, this suggestion should be renamed to the C1 Ariete (AMV PT3).
The PT3 for now has no differences with the PT2, the photos you used arent of the PT3 but of the PT2.
I fail to understand the need to suggest the PT3 when i have already suggested the PT2, if there is going to be modifications that make the PT3 different from the PT2 in the future then it would’ve been useful to have as a suggestion but as of now there is no changes between the PT2 from the PT3.


the one You suggested is a tank identical in every part to the PT2, it is just a copy. and the C2 deosn’t even exist yet.

+1 Even if it’s identical to the PT2, it would still improve lineups, giving Italy another backup vehicle.

IIRC doesnt the PT2 lack the engine upgrades seen on the PT1, with its primary focus being the turret upgrades? (Tho i do know it recived the wider tracks allowing it to combine armor kits)

Because i thought the PT1 was suposed to be focused on hull modernization, PT2 being focused on the turret, and PT3 combining the features of the previous two?

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this was the initial plan. But PT2 got both upgrades before pt3, therefore they are indetical currenlty.

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No, the PT2 gets both hull and turret upgrades.

That was the initial plan, but due to how quick they were to converting the 3 AMV prototypes they had decided to also further install the PT1 upgrades to the PT2 too earlier than planned. By now all AMV prototypes will be the exact same with no differences.


If thats the case i wonder if Gaijin will implament these next two vehicles according to their initial plan for sake of keeping them functionally distinct, while also filling up rank 8. Though if thats not their plan then hopefully they dont use my suggestion as a convenient excuse for a top teir premium.

I’m in favour of adding this vehicle, only if they increase armour to all Ariete, we all know Ariete has composite armour it was even specified by the developer, although he didn’t say the thickness because it’s a military secret through calculations on the weight of the tank we can deduce that it is very similar to a Challenger 2.

The community is tired of seeing a tank that weighs 60 tons of air, this in my opinion is above all a huge joke on the part of the developers, it weighs more than a Leopard 2A4 but has less armour something doesn’t add up in my opinion.


I would also like to increase the kenetic protection of the NERA composite, because in its current state, the strongest point of Arietes armor is weaker than the Type 10s armor… a 40-48 ton tank designed specifically to be light weight.

Or at the very least improve the kenetic protection of the WAR kit, as i belive someone checked the code and found its kenetic protection is equivilent to Kontakt-1 ERA. Which is doubly funny considering they recently increased the WAR kits weight without increasing protection


Like we know, they dont care about ariete armor and that’s is sad, by the way the centauro is more looks like a top tier of italian ground vehicles.

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with real armor we need it

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Edited the suggestion by adding more photos as well as a PDF for the specifications

You still havent removed the photos of the PT2, in fact you added another PT2 photo.

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Are you talking about the top down image, and the last image? The only visual indicator I know of between the PT2, and 3 is a different cover for the gunners sight.

…unless they later gave the PT2 the same cover that is

The PT2 is the only one with we have seen with that type of armour config, of course the PT3 can also mount it but its important to make the distinction between the prototypes to avoid confusion. For now the only confirmed photos of the PT3 are the ones without the armour kit installed but has the new optics and other changes to the AMV.

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So is the last few images i added, the ones without the armor kits, along with the top down image the PT3 then?

The reason i had posted the images i did is most of them came from the IVECO-OTO-Melara website page ragarding the C2, and assumed the PT3 being C2 at least until production for the upgrade starts, and so i used the images the website provided.

Back when i was first making this post the only thing i could distinguish between certain images of the C2 prototypes would be the gunners sight

I assumed the PT2 lacked the flaps that protect the lences, like you see in that image above

While the PT3 did possess them like you see in this image.

Though now that i think of it, those covers dont look dificult to install, so im not suprised they gave it to the PT2