Are you guys randomly getting fps dropped?

I have a problem I keep getting fps drop and lag like hell but I never have this problem before and this problem just happen after gaijin update the new battle pass any advice on how to fix this? (*I also may or may not have smash my laptop keyboard and it also may or may not dent) if this is a bug then pls fix it quick gaijin I don’t want to brake my laptop.


Also I already reinstall wt and nothing has change

There are times when the servers are having issues and packet loss shoots up to 45% or more. That makes what ever your controlling unresponsive. Theres nothing you can do on your end, and sometimes its people doing a DDOS on the servers because people just want to ruin other peoples fun. They do what they can but sometimes it can be just a network problem which is really just infrastructure issues.


Nope I watch my pl status and it’s never more than 5% and there are no warning like bad network connection or connection to server have been lost. I can still play it but it just annoying that it just keep lagging like 135 fps to 11 fps in a second and sometimes even freeze 3-10 sec and yes my control became unresponsive when it’s freezing

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Dude, seriously, punctuation. It’s your friend.

Also if you’ve punched a dent in your laptop keyboard already, go outside, touch grass, and calm down. Really. It’s better that way.

As for your issues, yes, I have the same thing happen from time to time. Rarely. Maybe twice in the past few days.

Thats odd. I only seem to get the packet loss but i have noticed a few visual glitches from time to time but i think those are bugs. Next time it happens take a screen shot and report the issue. It may be that your laptop could be overheating as well. hope something gets fixed for you.

what is grass? Also I don’t have any life

Alr for some reason my other laptop which is is siginificantly worse than the laptop I’m currently using rn doesn’t have any single problem that I stated earlier, so maybe I’m gonna need to get this laptop a check.

You have Nvida capture key moments turned on?

I don’t Nvida tho

Okay, try limiting your FPS

The solution is to put ssao to 1.5 you cannot change that ingame, go into your config file and change backroundscale to 1.5 save and put the file on read only it should be fixed!

You had grammarly for Christmas?

No, I’m just one of those Gen-X’ers who like people to put a little bit of effort into at least trying to come across in a comprehensible manner and not like they’ve got a hamster on crack rattling around in their brainpan.

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This is a support section and is meant to help out people with issues that are having. There is absolutely no reason for you to treat someone like that just so you can feel superior in how you type out sentences. This is an international community and not everyone has English as their first language. They were expressing frustration about the issue they are having and you feel the need not to help but to attack the person. If you are not going to help but just attack and ridicule stay out of the help area.


If they want help, the least they can do is get their point across in a clear and concise manner. I’m not a native English speaker either, it’s not hard to pay the tiniest bit of attention to what you write. It makes me more inclined to help. If I have to run what was typed through my magic decoder ring first, I’m just not going to bother :)

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not working

not working either

Then it’s a hardware issue, there is a requirement standard to run a game, in this case, if your below that range, high chances are, your going to have frame issues.

well that’s weird bc I don’t have any of these issues before the new battle pass drop