Are we going to go into another weekend without Thermals being fixed?

So it’s been 2 weeks since the thermals haven’t been fixed after the update messed it up, every vehicle is gray just like the environment, and cannot see a thing unless really focusing hard to see them.

We know Gaijin doesn’t work on the weekends. So how long will this issue have to continue before you address it and finally fix the important thermals? They are extremely important at top tier, plus we who have them in top tier vehicles either earned them by grinding or paid for them. They are expected to be available at all times and working correctly. You are not providing a service that we have in some way already paid for.

Why are they not being fixed? There are multiple bug reports, and posts regarding this. But zero replies or answers to this? I’m on Ps4 and in the past 3 days have had 2 updates, and fixing the thermals has not been part of it. Please answer, why is this problem being ignored? If you’re going to have a modification for vehicles and it be a crucial part of the game and vehicles, it should be readily available and always work correctly. It is not currently.

As I’ve mentioned already in other posts, we had this exact same bug 4 months ago after an update, it was reported multiple times by different people, and you fixed it in a couple of days. This time it’s 2 weeks and nothing, not even a single reply regarding it.


Now another weekend, at least, to go through knowing it won’t be fixed because you guys do nothing on the weekend. The question is, what about during the work week? Why hasn’t it been fixed days ago? I have tons of pictures available. There’s no way it is correct and it was before this last big update.

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…have you Googled it?
…have you tried turning it off and on?
…have you updated your drivers?
…are all the wires connected?
…are you running other thermal imaging software in the background?
…have you cleaned up your IR lenses and monitor?
…that’s not a bug, it’s a feature


All BS.

I’m on a Ps4. There’s nothing to reset or do. It is what it is. I use a really nice flat screen TV. Everything else is fine.

If you read my posts you would understand. This screwed up immediately upon this big update. Just like it did the same exact way 4 months ago in March, immediately after that update. Some of us made bug reports and they fixed it in a couple of days. I repeated the same bug report method this time, but no response.

This is not a feature, it is messed up again, UNLESS, they did it on purpose. I remember recently some people complaining that the vehicles were too bright and they “couldn’t easily spot the weak spots because it was just a big white tank”. Which if you know how thermals work they were correct all along. But maybe Gaijin listened to those people and just screwed up the heat signature of all vehicles. I don’t know but no it is not a feature I don’t know how you figure that. It is screwed up, again exactly how it was 4 months ago and was fixed back then. So it should be fixed this time too. The vehicles should not be the same color as the buildings and rocks and trees and bushes. That’s ridiculous. If you look at my other posts and other people as well, there’s plenty of pictures that show exactly this, in white mode everything is gray. Except just a little white by some of the tracks. The same with green and red mode. If you think this is a feature I don’t know how you’ve been playing all this time and haven’t noticed a difference.

my works fine - i dont have this.

but the picture looks overcolored and way too bright at all, them like is a driver problem.

He plays in PS4 and doesn’t have screenshots. I play in PC and experience the same problems. Here are the pics

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its from a strv 122 gunner sight an other strv122 - the tanks dont glow so much like in war thunder bevor ;)


@Waraeger Yes, these pics are showing what we’re speaking of. This is not correct nor how it’s always been. These vehicles are way too dark and the same color as the environment, except for a little white in the tracks and rear. It has never been this way except for the bug in March I spoke of. Try seeing this quickly in town or in the forest with them not driving around. We mostly won’t see them until too late. This is not right. Trust us it was way brighter before. I don’t understand how some of you haven’t noticed the difference if you’ve been playing a while.

It’s easy to see the difference from before the update to now. If you’d like, go on the bug report website and look up thermals issues back in March. All of the reports have pictures showing the problem, and it’s exactly the same as it is now. And Gaijin fixed it in like 2 days in March. I don’t believe I have any screenshots with thermals before the March and this recent big update to compare to how it normally is. I’d have to check.

But you clearly see here in all these pics, the vehicles blend right in to the buildings etc. My pics are actually screenshots I’ve taken on my Ps4 and then took pics of those with my phone. TV and phone are top quality. Yes I have my TV set on bright most of the time I’m playing, and it has a slight blue tone, but it doesn’t matter because it is excellent quality and shows the difference between how it should appear and not. If you can look at my pics and see the tanks tracks are bright white, and the smoke is bright white, but the rest of the tank is gray like the building, that shows there is potential for the tank to be highlighted more bright white same as the tracks. But it’s not. They have muted the vehicles heat signature all around. If my TV were the problem, you wouldn’t see the bright white tracks or smoke, it all would be gray. So with thermals like this it is pretty much unplayable. About the only way it’s playable without turning thermals off is if the enemy is moving and pretty much out in the open. I just don’t understand how you can’t see the problem.

Before La Royale update it wasn’t like this and thermals are a reliable way to scan and area. Also you are looking from behind where tanks obviously glow. The problem is seen when you’re facing an enemy from the front with a building behind or beside them then they appear way too cold for a hulking metal machine with a gigantic engine revving at full RPM and thousands of moving parts.

The extra time it takes to identify an enemy tank will get you shot first.

Like in this screenshot try finding the tank within 1 sec. I got shot here after taking the screenshot

Or here, try guessing how many tanks are here. Spoiler alert: there’s 3 of them looking right at me.

This bug hurts me so bad because I pay GE to purchase thermal modifications and I felt scammed that I’m better off without it because using thermals now is a self imposed handicap.

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Absolutely. Spot on comment all the way. I can’t understand why Gaijin is ignoring this, the 2nd time it’s messed up in 4 months the same way.

Well, provided that Strv 122 imagery, looks like Gaijin is actually doing it right… but bad for players.

Which makes sense, since it’s light what we’re talking about here… if your sensor picks a tank about 10º C warmer than the environment as “glowing white”, then the engine and exhaust at about 300º C will be be as bright as the sun i.e. will bloom and wash out everything. Thus here Gaijin is being realistic and using a dimmer gamma value for “thermal” texture maps, which sucks because it’s no longer “spot the white blob and shoot it” but “maybe there’s something brighter over there”. And that includes some trees whose foliage apparently reflects a lot of IR, and the occasional wagon that’s been under the sun all day, and haystacks and et cetera.

All in all, at long range those hot exhaust and engines will be visible, but at shorter distances the tank will barely be hotter than the environment compared to its exhaust and the sensor will be tuned to not be overexposed by the exhaust thus the environment and the tanks will be dimmer, which is a PITA but it’s realistic.

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Engine heat will not be isolated in one place, it will heat up a sizable portion of the hull not to mention all the metal moving parts involved which will cause the tank to be significantly hotter than the surrounding buildings. The problem is right now is tanks are like only 3 to 5 degrees hotter than the wooden house behind them; the black/white thermal is notorious for this.

Even if we say gaijin is trying to be realistic, it’s implementation is a total failure due to the amount of inconsistencies of heat signatures, some vehicle’s exhaust ports don’t glow and tanks like BMP’s and T-72’s appear way too cold even when viewing the engine. Some buildings also appear way too bright than they should. The worst of all bushes are now basically thermal camo and are extremely effective right now in hiding thermal signature.

Edit: this is one example of inconsistency I’m talking about

As you can see it’s a M56. Observe that the humans (which are 36.5 C°) barely have any glow and the exhaust don’t even glow at all. BTW the exhaust are at the sides of the tank and I’m looking right at it.

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Here comes the part where Gaijin isn’t simulating anything, just creating texture maps to imitate real IR imagery. Those texture maps probably are postprocessed but unless someone tells the graphic engine “this has diferent gamma” it won’t show up as different. If human avatar don’t have a specific “thermal” texture, they won’t show up differently (or at all). Also we could discuss how IR imagery works, FAI “night vision” picks up reflected ambient light, “thermal vision” picks up radiated light, and things reflect and radiate different types of light in different ways so they might look different.

But the point is, Gaijin uses these systems as a game mechanic so people play and pay. Maybe they decided that “shoot the white blob” was a bad mechanic and “go figure where is the gray death on a gray background” is a better mechanic based on how much money players give them.

Personally I’d rather have the white blob back, since I struggle to see tanks in “normal” light and the white blobs were easier to pick. But also they are easier to see to those who have no difficulty picking my dark green tank on a dark green background soon and fast enough to one-shot me before I see them. Maybe it’s good for me that my tank is NOT a white blob on a gray background… who knows? Only Gaijin has the data.

The whole point is this is a bug. It happened in March and it’s happened again. It was working as thermals should before March, it was messed up in an update and then they voluntarily fixed it once notified 2 days later. This time it’s going unfixed.

It wasn’t mentioned anywhere of any thermals change, or intent to. It hasn’t been discussed as anything. It just messed up after La Royale update and remains as is. If there were to be any change, to something as important and commonly used as thermals, it would have been discussed I’m sure. No patch notes about it or any mention at all. I understand your saying, but in no way should these vehicles be blending in with the environment. It just is not correct. As @Corona_Chan69 said the engine heat itself will radiate around the vehicle and illuminate it. It will not be gray like a house or rock or tree. It’s just broken.

I dunno man… I was planning on buying the Type 16 FPS just because of its thermal advantage at 8.7 but now I won’t spend a single dime until the thermals get sorted out. Screwing up with the thermals like that doesn’t sound like a wise decision financially in their part. Not to mention some players like me actually pay GE for thermals especially in top tier so it’s Snails loss if they won’t do something about this.

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@Corona_Chan69 hey if you don’t mind I’m taking a screenshot of your post here with the pictures you uploaded, to add as a comment on my bug report. Because the guy is replying now and saying they just don’t see what’s wrong with it. So I want to show him your pics are the same as mine and you’re on PC and I’m on ps4, but have the same problem.

He’s now saying only the gun barrels should be white after shooting, when “hot”. Number 1 this has never been the case, the entire vehicles were always white all over. And #2 even now I never see white gun barrels even after shooting, only gray everywhere, just like we’re showing. I’m not sure where they’re getting their info or who’s testing it. He says he’s trying to help but they just aren’t seeing what we are or are disagreeing that it’s wrong. I’m going to continue to push on this, he closed my report but now opened it back up. If you could get anymore examples to show please add to the bug reports, although I don’t know how else to better show them. They just aren’t getting it. Even one of your pics shows you can barely see the helicopters in the sky. It’s gray same as the sky. Something I pointed out to him - when a Starstreak missile would fly at me from the air, it rotates in a circle and was white and easily visible. Now, it’s all gray and can only see a little movement of gray going in circles against the background of gray sky. Plus sometimes my ADATS missiles launching and the smoke are all gray just like the sky, can barely see anything but a little movement. It’s just messed up and I don’t see how they can’t see it. This is getting frustrating. He seems sincere so hopefully they’ll figure it out.

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