Are we getting a PVE mode? "Operation Rattlesnake" preview

On October 1, 2023, Gaijin released a trailer titled “Moments of Valor: China”. The trailer portrayed a fictional scenario where a shady mercenary group with J-7’s and a Vanguard Class Submarine launched an incursion into Chinese waters, in an attempt to get the Chinese to think the British were attacking them.

The group’s J-7’s were subsequently intercepted by British Harriers and Chinese J-8’s and the group’s Vanguard Submarine was intercepted by a Chinese Sub hunter (i forget the name of the aircraft).

At first i just thought this was some long, drawn out way of Gaijin hinting that submarines are coming to the game or that thr J-7 was getting R27’s. Earlier this year we also got a Moments of Valor trailer that portrayed Turkey fighting Isis on the ground with Technicals, M60s and RPG’s. I had thought this was also some long drawn out way of saying more Turkish vehicles are coming to the game. Both of these could still be true…

But, in Chinese trailer, at the end we got a cryptic reference to an Operation Rattlesnake and the whole thing just seemed odd, like there’s something more here…

Maybe i am reading way too deep into this but i think there is a chance that this could be hinting at a new PVE mode. My reasoning is the following:

  1. A rogue mercenary group attacking Nations is a fairly safe scenario. It doesn’t risk controversy and it doesn’t touch on historical nerves in a way which a historical battle could. This sets the stage for a perfect PVE scenario where different nations could team-up to fight some dark shady group with bad intentions. Fairly straight forward, not controversial, not going to attract governments that love banning video games, etc…

  2. There has been a lot of equipment shown that would be difficult to implement into a PVP mode: modern submarines, sub hunter aircraft, aircraft carriers, technicals, rpg’s, ground troops, etc…

  3. People have been asking for a PVE mode for a while.

This is all completely speculative and maybe im completely off. Just wanted to give everyone food for thought…

If this is a true PVE mode then I really hope Gaijin implements it well. Not like Heli PVE!

Many ongoing, rolling objectives, large maps, mixed battles, respawning, and most of all GOOD AI. Right now their AI is rough so an AI overhaul would be necessary for this mode to succeed. And for the love of God, please have this mode use Realistic mechanics…

I guess time will tell if my prediction is correct.


The hints in the video are far to vague to even bother speculating about. Kinda a low effort teaser TBH…

Unfortunately, I dont think its anything more than Propaganda/Marketing material and actually hints at nothing coming to the game.

I would like more dynamic PvE events within SB and the AI certainly need an overhaul but im not sure a PvE mode would ever really work. Technically, we’ve already got a PvE mode for both air and ground and they kinda suck and the Heli PvE mode is really bad. Im just not sure PvE would be any good and it would be heavily nerfedf with wise of economy. WT is F2P model, meaning getting people to buy stuff to skip or aid the grind is 100% their source of revenue, a Decent PvE mode for farming contrasts that

They have said that they will add additional PVE elements in the future but who knows what that means. It could all just be teasing submarines only but that final tidbit about Operation Rattlesnake makes me think its certainly a teaser of some sort but more than likely its something really minor.

Time will tell i guess.

Yeah, we do already have some gamemodes that feature PvPvE gameplay. Like SB, and other EC gamemodes. Including both Naval and Heli. So I definetly want to see PvE overhauls for all those gamemodes as that could be really good fun. But I think the Operation Rattlesnake teaser wasn’t something specific in-game but rather a set-up for a wider series of these short 5-10 minute cinematics that create a narrative backstory for the game. Something like the Overwatch hero cinematics Blizzard did for Overwatch 1&2

But yes, will definetly be interesting to see what they do with it

probably mini-lore they might reference later, like the pilot Sergei from the Drone Age teaser that got a decal, an Su-25 statue on Seversk and a call back in the Apex Predators teaser

as far as PvE modes go there was a test of a new mode a while ago but I don’t know if it went anywhere

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I believe you’re referencing the Air RB EC mode they tested. Im not sure what happened to it. We’ve been asking for an Air RB EC mode for years to no avail. So we’ll see.

Right now the whole game just caters to the grind and it would be nice to have something to break that up, especially for Air RB where the gamemode being designed just for grinding is certainly the worst.


It was ground battles on Poland, Kursk and Sinai.

Hopefully proper AIR RB EC.

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