Are they gonna fix the I-TOW on the Walleye

The missiles dips hard off the rail than swerves up and down never straight. Makes playing the Walleye or other IFV’s with tow’s hard to use. Not sure about bmps and stuff cause god forbid their missiles do the same thing but it’s seriously making a lot of those types of tanks completely unusable. As on starstreaks for the Stormer you can’t use them on anything remotely close or the missiles “pass” through targets due to the stage booster on it".

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Walleye IFV? The Wall-E you mean?

The missile dipping has gotten me killed way too many times. Its crazy its been a thing for as long as it has

When the ATGM physics “rework” was implemented Gaijin’s goal was to make ATGMs feel the effect of gravity.

They do this in flight rather well but Gaijin has yet to rectify their initial launch / travel to gunsight. Rather than flying in a smooth motion until it’s inline with the gunner scope the missile veers down and overcorrects to bring itself on the gunner sight as quickly as possible. Obviously this is incredibly unrealistic and renders TOW missiles unusable in CQC as they slam in to nearby objects.

You can test this effect by enabling “Camera from tank gunner sight” and notice the difference on flight path compared to normal sight view.

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