Are the Abrams variants useless?

I Haven’t reached top tier but am grinding for the M1A1 HC. All I’ve seen online are people complaining about top tier and especially the Abrams and it’s massive weak spot. Which got me wondering, is it still a playable tank or is there no hope for it in game? I would really like to know before unlocking the vehicle

In most BR, the US ground armor is not strong, M1 still has the same problem, I recommend using M1A1+F4E (use AGM65B) +yah64 combination. This is a strong group of 11.0,

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Good reload speed
39kph reverse speed
Good gun handling
Excellent protection against non-tandem ATGMs

Big as fuck, can’t hide for shit
Loud engine idling noise, everybody and their mother knows you are sitting at a corner
Turret ring weak spot that can be reliably penned by even T-55’s APHE or even Tiger 2

To be honest, it is not an easy tank to master although it has potential, similar to T-72s variants which is not easy to master, if you really really want the strongest stuff, play the Leopard 2, they are currently the best IMO

Current strongest base on my personal experience:
1.Leopard 2
2. T-80s
3. Abrams
4. ??? (don’t play so dunno)


It’s playable, but won’t recommend to. Abrams don’t have enough fire power or armor, the tactic is to use it as light tank. At 11.3 you will get lot of up tires since 11.7 is not full uptier.

You should avoid USA tbh 💁🏻‍♀️


Even Obj279’s APHE can reliably penetrate the turret ring due to not bein volumetric.

The M1A2 Sep V2 Is garbage and not worth using. I havent even unlocked it as it makes no sense to. The sep V1 is good, just dont add the additional armor as its useless. The tanks can not take a hit, if you dont get killed in one shot, then you are 80% disabled and just waiting for the second shot to finish you off. The play for the V1 and the normal M1A2 is the exact same the only difference is you get Gen 2 Thermals with the Sep V1. There is no benefit that the Sep V2 brings and is really just a V1 with peppermint ERA that cant stop modern tank rounds. The ERA was for chemical explosives and well almost no one uses chemical rounds at this br.


Basically, yes. Playing the Abrams is an exercise in immense frustration.

I don’t recommend it.

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Like asking why the Tiger is unplayable.Its not but in this game its balanced and nothing special.Just a big disappointment.

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Unlocked the Tiger and enjoyed it so hey atleast it can’t be too bad

I thought I would win the warthunder world championship in it on my first attempt but like anything else that’s legendary ,you have to get used to it.

My advice to you is do not, i repeat do not grind US ground, it’s basically plastic tanks so no don’t waste your time.

Probably should’ve mentioned I main US and am at BR 8.3

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I have had my embarrassing moments, two days ago got a 9.3 match, and saw a Chieftain MK10 at 1.3km so I decided to trade shots with it, because I’m 1.3 higher so why not? we traded a total of 4 shots, non-pen each other for the most parts (third shot got my gunner like what?, so put the corpse on commander’s seat, alright) then the fifth one found it’s way into my ring area I got KO’d lol

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you can reach 10.0 and stop right there, switch to another worthy nation that gets love from the DEVS these months and years.

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Probably just switched to another nation at 9.0 cos the other option is using the 120S… yeah I’d rather not

Do you think it will get better or will it stay fucked?

That’s how it is with the Abrams, the turret ring UFP should get more than 200mm of protection and maybe an increase during the addition of new Abrams, but yeah it’s still how it is till the V2, it’s insane how they take so long to fix such thing and make it volumetric.


Is it fair to say that an American playing America from the start and spending months maybe far longer to get their dream USA tank is not going to be hugely disappointed to find their dream tank to be balanced to mediocrity by the games mechanics ? Especially after years of being raised to believe that this machine had God like levels of protection?

That is one of War Thunders biggest faults.Celebrating a legendary vehicle is a crime.Its a game that screams “balance” at every corner and the thought of somebody having any kind of advantage via a great vehicle leads to great cries of derision form the WT community all raging over it’s “OP” nature.

That is why most Vehicles have had the personality squeezed from them and the greatness removed.

The abrams are all perfectly fine vehicles for their playstyle the issue is down to the average abrams player having an IQ a little under 60 and not knowing how to play it you’re meant to make use of your ridiculous mobility to get to caps or strong map postions before anyone else particularly hull down areas at least thats how ive played the XM-1, the abrams series also has probably the second best survivability ingame only the later leopards are more survivable any shot to the hull gives you a 90% chance of living and turret pens will almost never kill you.

Coming from playing the horrifically bad challenger 1 and 2 to playing the XM-1 just tells me the average US player that whines about how bad their vehicles are have literally never played another nation and puts all their deaths down to “gaijin must hate the US” even though they currently are the arguably 3rd best nation to play at toptier with the soviets at 2nd with sweden and germany tied at number one unless you include CAS options then germany drops down to the same level as the US

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