Are Spikes suppossed to be... THIS useless?

Just a minute and half of me trying to destroy the Test Drive T-90A in War Thunder.

After 40 Spikes launched in pairs, not a single one of the attempts managed to destroy the tank, and barely half of them dealt any significant damage.



Shot 4 spikes with KF-41 on the M-901 in testdrive, only got “hit” message…no damage or anything…useless indeed!

All HEAT ATGMs feel like RNG now, with ones that lack payload like spikes just doing horribly for some reason.

Gaijin flubbed something real hard.

yep It makes me laugh that people realize it now, we Italians have been saying it for centuries but the gaijin doesn’t listen to us anyway…

Is it Russian?


So it’s working as intended.


It’s the same for PARS 3 LR. I was playing the A7V, and an enemy UHT shot SIX PARS into me, and that wasn’t even the thing that killed me xD

I actually hope all ATGMs from helicopters become useless like this, even better AGM from jets also do this lol because FK CAS that’s why.


I had a moment like this on Sinai with the 99A, several hits to my tank with no damage: was very confused thinking it couldn’t be a Helicopter because my LWS wasn’t going off so it must be some goober with stock heat lobbing shells from somewhere I couldn’t see, a few more hits later for no damage after I moved back into full cover, I spot a A129 and realised it was Spikes.

Then my LWS goes off, pop smoke, reverse, instantly killed through the smoke by 1 Vikhr from a Ka-50.


Spikes are the funniest joke in this game

Saadly spikes are not displayed correctly in game.
IRL they have the abiliity to get targets designated after launch ,swap targets mid flight and manually guided (the last part would most definetly be to op) wich sould all be great to see in game

I shot 7 on a ADATS the other day. Got a crit fire. On a ADATS.

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