Are soundmods bannable?

I really wanna download a sound mod but I am not sure if they are bannable, from what i have heard they are, but it wouldn’t make sense since the on war thunder live there is a sounds category

Be careful! Sound modifications, if not executed perfectly, are capable of leading to problems operating the game and may even harm your health!

Any individual that creates custom sound modifications, modifies the game’s audio files, or makes use of sound modification files created by any other person, does so at their own risk, and we (Gaijin) will take no responsibility for their, or anyone else’s, use of those modifications.

You can find sounds mods on our page.

Article on WT wiki page


So if they are from war thunder live i am at no risk of getting banned?

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No., but if sound mod do not give you any advantage in game, there should be no issue.
Still, we are not able to check all sounds mods. You are using them on your own risk.

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So i am using a sound mod for the f16 that just makes the rwr sound realistic, the ir grawl from irl and the chaff flare sound effect, while also giving some other sound effects depth, It’s a sound mod to only make the game more immersive, not to give me any sagnificant advantage

That should be ok, but as Stona Mentioned… Mods are use at own risk…
So it is best to ask the Author or even others that have used the Mod(s) if they have ran into any issues or bugs…

We say “Use at own risk” because we do not do Mod Support, nor do we go around and check to make sure that Mods do not trigger the EAC or other in game anti-hacking / countermeasures… and at times Mods may also just crash the game, and as mentioned in that case we do not do Mod support

So, as long as Mods do not give some kind of advantage in game as mentioned, they “Should” be ok to use, and as I mentioned, just check with the author and or others that have used the Mod(s)

And how can i be theoritically banned? How does it get dedected

If you don’t use them, you won’t get banned. If you do use them, you might get banned. The choice is yours. They cannot really go into the details of how they deal with/detect these things as that could give those that do try to make/use illegal programs/apps a heads up on how things work. “Trade Secrets” and all that . . . there have been many sound mods over the years I think, Boris made some good ones in the past. But I personally feel that my account is not worth risking over something like this . . but that’s just me.
Choose Wisely & Good Luck!

You’d think if they post it to their “Live” section it shouldn’t be a problem.

If you download one of the more popular ones (I’ve been using just the airplane engine sounds from this one, because Gaijin’s version of prop driving planes sounds like a small cessna…which are simply terrible.

All I get is a more immersive feeling from using it.