Are search radars working?

Specifically, I am asking about FuG-202 model:
that can be found on Do 217 J-2, N-1.

Are they working? According to the description, blips should appear on the… green interface?
Regardless whether it is a friend or foe.

For example, I fiddle around it in realistic test drive, I see no blips, when pointing the plane towards the friendly planes.

I am not sure if this means it is turned off or on…

I don’t see neither 4, 2 or 6 blips on the right, the supposed radar interface…

Are they working?
If they are, is there a way to configure them so that they actually give useful info to the player?

well, that radar is set to 8km and the wiki say 4km but those planes looks to be further away than that.
The small map in the top right is 5km so if you cant even see them there then they are most likely to far away.

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if you see the symbol of 3 horizontal stacked lines with the Bar on its left with the rrows pointing up and down, you should know that there is significant ground clutter.
basically the radar is experiencing disorientation due to its own waves being reflected up from the ground.
if you are at higher altitudes you will see that the radar scope is very much clearer with no brightness and then radar targets will appear (on this specific radar) as curved lines at the range the target is actually at
i tested them and they are ‘working’ but only at point blank and ground clutter seems to be effecting them regardless of where you point the radar. so yeah… report them

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Those search radars are to be used in High altitude, or against high altitude target.

The fact is that those radar were used at night to fight bombers at high altitude.

The radar technology on board of those aircrafts is very crappy, as those radar are the earliest on board radar made.

So, you have short ranges, and heavy impact from ground clutter.

Most of the time, those radar only are useful to hunt people in Simulator battles or in Realistic battles (only in night battles)

Also, the use of such radars will not help you to kill :
No radar gunsight
No radar missiles

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Seems it is still not working after the update…

Alright… how does one fill that support ticket or something again?

Haven’t you read all post above?

You are fighting ground clutter,…

It’s a Night High Altitude Fighter (NHAF)

It is made to fight:
High Altitude Heavy Bombers (HAHB)

Therefore, your Radar is unable to :
→ see through Ground Clutter
→ see Fighters/light attackers at “Long range” (4km)

You have to check what is:
→ Ground Clutter :

→ FuG-202 radar ability:

Yeah, but I prefer to believe HYPNOSYS2002 explanation than Yours.
Because, what’s the point of this radar in game if it is that weak?

Well apart Sim battle at Night?


Those radars were made specifically as NIGHT fighter, in which having a radar is Great to locate and kill Night Bomber → those Night bombers fly as high as 5km to 8km of altitude, in order to avoid FLAK batteries, and Light spotters → that altitude means that Ground clutter is not affecting it.

at night, a pilot would have at best 1.2km of vision
at day, a pilot would have between 8km to 12km of vision, making completely useless the use of such radar.

So the radar gives the advantage to the Night Fighter in order to found and kill ennemy bombers

It have no other use,…

even if you made yourself able to have some display of someone (which you seems to fail already,…) you wouldn’t recieve Radar gunsight, you wouldn’t have Lock radar, and you wouldn’t have more information, as this radar required one crew to just make it works between vertical and horizontal search.

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I would add that those radar have been modelled because the German fans of the game required this to be added, which have also been made on P-61 Night fighter, or F6F-5N

And both radar are useless aswell,… because they are much more situationnal, and to be used at night only.

The modern radar of the 1960’s also add problems with Ground clutter, and up until PulseDoppler radars

Not sure about that - sometimes it can be difficult to spot some planes in front of you, say, clouds are getting in the way.
And remember, in ground RB, there are no markers for enemy planes. So, there could be a potential use here.

And considering the plane - Do 217 - it is already quite sluggish, with only redeeming qualities of powerful offensive armament, capability to have bombs, and at least somewhat functional defense armament of 2 13mm guns.
So, without a working radar, it loses yet another gimmick…

Of course, there are worse planes, but still…

It’s a working radar,… it’s just UNABLE TO SEE AT LOW ALTITUDE

That’s why you need to see what is GROUND CLUTTER

@Cpt_Bel_V cough.

Well,… check out my second link then,… it is pretty much detailled on the document

Also, @HYPNOSYS2002 confirmed that the radar works,… which mean you’re stupid enough to think that it will work at LOW altitude,… and even more while looking at the GROUND

And how well the details in this document are shown in the game itself?
I’ve seen some contradictory data about the radar - like on the wiki it says it’s maximum range is 4 km:

But in the game, x-ray mode, if I remember right, it says 8 km.

So… What is it supposed to be, in game?

Okay, I’ve decided to test drive the N-1 some more:

I selected this to be night time. Since it is still low altitude, I guess it is of no surprise.

Either way, radar couldn’t detect a friendly so realtively close by.

However, as I went higher, to 2 km altitude, I’ve noticed some changes in radar display.

Going to 4 km altitude, SRC rating seems to have decreased to just 2, and the radar display also changed even further.

6 km altitude, icon left to the SRC just disappears.
Sadly, I still don’t know if it works as intended - there are no planes in the test drive flying that high, and the ones below, seemed to have disappeared somewhere.

Then You might want to report this, @Cpt_Bel_V , as apparently noise rating is at medium when looking down to ground, from 6 km altitude.

So, preliminary tests show that it indeed is ground noise interfering with the radar, but if that is the case, I’d need to test this in an actual battle, or at least with several players.

you can clearly see it works as intended on your screenshots.
it is totally useless in case of WT.
you cant expect a radar from ww2 have the same performance as a radar from the F-16.

No, there are no planes in the vicinity, which the radar could be used to test it’s detection.


I suppose, didn’t make it this far in the tech tree to compare.

Also if i read the documentation correctly a microwave would have more power then the radar.
you have to keep in mind its a really early in the radar tech.

It is supposed to be 4km,… but displayed on a 8km scaled screen (as it was descorbed in the doc i linked you.)