Are crew voices getting worse and worse?

As the title says, I feel like since we’ve had the crew voices overhaul, they have only become worse.

As an immersion enthusiast, crew voices have a noticeable impact not only on my mindset when I play but also on my performance in game, since I can more easily identify with my crew. That’s why I’m an avid user of mods like IWSM and ThunderPack. Since the overhaul, however, I noticed we lost:
- crew lines on ricochet/non-pen
- crew lines on reload
- some specific crew lines for ammo types (RIP my beloved hypershot)

I can’t find a reason for why these lines got removed, but I personally think it’s a real shame for player immersion.

I know this is not a lot, but I feel that what differentiate a good from a great game is small QoL features like god crew voices, UI improvements, etc… I’m confident a good part of the community agrees with me on this.

I hope this message will be seen by staff at Gaijin and that they hopefully revert these ununderstandable changes.


Also some of the voices feels worse then before.

For example previous French crew voice was better in my book and current German one is trying too hard i believe.

Overall changes are good but it needs more tweak i believe.

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Still much better than they were. But yeah, could use more variation in the lines.

Some voice lines went completely missing after the air superiority update, the loader is for some reason completely silent on all nations and the commander won’t tell the driver to go faster or slower, again, all nations. I really hope it’s just a bug and not intentional because I love the immersion it gives.

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You should be happy they arent all speaking russian.

The amazing Naval voice lines would disagree with this premise (still one of my favourite trailers).

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ngl, I dont really miss having my commander yelling “faster” or “quicker” every 10 sec while i am in a churchill or t95.


it just needed refinement

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Except this, yeah, but I don’t think the 3 guys that are playing naval really represent a major part of the community. Tho I won’t say that the voices in naval are to be ignored. In fact that further demonstrates the contradiction on Gaijin’s part about their effort put in this game. Why improve only one small part of the game (Naval Battles) while downgrading the biggest one (Ground Battles) ?

They didn’t have to remove them at all just tweak it so that it wasn’t too repetitive over hills, I play Germany and it wasn’t that annoying, maybe for English speaking crews it was.

I miss hearing “Schneller” and “Panzer Halt”, it just gets rid of the immersion.

I don’t know what you mean by having a woman booing in your ear? You mean the radio chatter? I never really cared if there are women in the game, and I think it’s hilarious and part of the charm of WT. I have my radio voice set to the female one for that reason, it’s just funny.

But the fact that they are removing voices from our crews it’s really annoying, so I hope Gaijin brings them back in the next update or at the very least give us the ability to toggle what we want to hear from our crews instead of just removing things that take away immersion.

Also I was reading the patch notes for the Alpha Strike update and the American commander crew is getting a new voice so who knows.

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Spellcheck must of gone off on one there. No I don’t need comedy voices thanks and if Gaijin don’t start taking their own game seriously then I’m going to be off and I’m sure it won’t be and isn’t just me. I 'll go and find a game that has a bit of respect for itself.

If I want comedy I have Saints Row the Third and it does it better.

Yeah my ADHD is off the charts today lol sorry about that, but I like the radio chatter voiceover it’s charming, the announcer or whatever is called could use some change though. I’m kind of sick of hearing “The enemy is winning, we must counter attack” in such a goofy voice.

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Anyway, I really hope they fix the loader being silent, it’s about time.

And for the commander telling the driver to go faster, all they had to do was change the condition where it would trigger at low speeds, which happened when driving over hills but no, Gaijin in their infinite wisdom decided to remove it entirely, along with the stop line which makes no sense, so it’s just a bug? Who knows at this point…

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Another occasion to learn from GHPC.
Just tried it and damn, you could feel the thrill from combat. But yeah, the loader being mute is really where I’d draw the line personally.

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Ah yes, a fellow immersion enthusiast, looks like you need some Thunder Pack, haha !

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Just another lazy element of War Thunder that suggests a cheap game.
I get the feeling War Thunder is on the wind down.

I don’t mean dying as in numbers just a lack of investment from the makers .

what i find more annoying is at the start of the match they say driver ready, gunner ready, loader ready… like we just spawn there’s no need to say that

And the random lady screaming AIR! when nobody used the radio and no plane flying around.


It only happens once during a match, I love hearing it in my German and Russian crews. I think a toggle in the audio settings for what we want to hear here is the best solution.

This is in fact not random, it triggers when aircraft is in the air and it’s actually quite useful when your teammates don’t do it for you.

I played the whole of Silent Hunter III in German with subtitles and it was brilliant and Immersive, a legendary game. Like being in the Das Boot movie.
People who play war games often like that level of detail and immersion and why not have it as not have it?

I don’t see the need for Quake style shouting in War Thunder ,its not a sci fi shooter(yet). It models tanks as realistically as it can because it understands that players appreciate it.
People forget that when they say WT is not realistic. WT is trying damn hard in many areas to be realistic then some other clown further down the production like is trying hard to ruin that by adding comedy voices, silly maps and anime pillows.

Its like the Devs are playing tug of war over the game direction. Its makes for a confusing mess as far as the fan base is concerned.