Are crew voices getting worse and worse?

Does it trigger with scout drone? that would explain why i don’t see plane flying around after hearing it. I muted speech anyway

I honestly think the German/Swedish/Argentinian crews have the best voice acting in the game, that’s why I hate when they remove lines from them.

The American crew could use a massive rework, it’s too tacky still, and not grounded like the rest, I hate hearing “target destroyed” in such a cocky and goofy voice, immersion and realism are two different things, but they can strike a balance.

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Yes, it does trigger with drones, that’s why I find it quite useful because your teammates might miss it.

Fun fact the German crew says “Luftangriff”, which means air raid, it’s quite funny :)

They could if they were in any way bothered

Okay, you just confirmed my suspicions and I thank you for it. I LOVED hearing my loader in an Abrams yell “UP!” when the gun was reloaded and then one day it just…vanished. I had at first thought it was me but since completely re-installing the game, they are gone.

It is sad as it has taken away from the immersion of being in a tank. All the other lines are there but for some reason, reloading lines are not. WTH Gaijin?


I feel like the American crew voice over needs to match the energy and tone of the other nations, they sound so nonchalant at times, specially when getting hit and destroying targets, which is something that the British crew is definitely is not so uncaring about, and I find their voice over superior.

They could also use real tank crew commands and doctrine for once, instead of the half-baked lines they decided to use for some reason.

Anyway, I don’t wanna keep beating a dead horse, I just want my German crews schneller and panzer halt back Gaijin.

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Yeah, I agree with this.

What they ought to do in the future is make crew voices customizable. For example, maybe you can unlock legendary drivers, gunners, reloaders, pilots, etc. in events, buy, or grind out. Each would have a unique profile picture/avatar, and you can assign them to your vehicles. They can come with unique boosts to certain crew skills. More importantly, each could get unique voice lines.

E.g. name: “space marine,” crew position: gunner, crew skill bonus: +1 targeting skill, crew voice: sounds like a space marine- maybe add opening/kill/injury/death/victory lines.