Are Bombers now too fragile to play?

Then just dont play bombers
You cant do anything with them these days
They are just like naval battles - neglected - by many players

lets look at if from the perspective of reality…

as good as you claim the bombers defenses were, WHY then did bombers still need fighter escorts???

if as you claim the bombers defenses were so good they should have had 30mm armour all round, carry one ton bombs and have the acrobatic skills of jackie chan

there is nothing neglected about bombers.

most of the complaints about bombers centers around AB tank battles.

supposed to be TANK battles.

no need for the woke inclusivity arguments for bombers there

Just change the TNTeq health pool of the bases, it’s a much easier change that isn’t ahistorical.

Gaijin is separating ground BR’s and air BR’s, it should fix everything you’re saying.

Highest IQ fighter baby

lol, ‘kill stealing players’
not tankers in bombers though eh? they aren’t kill stealers are they?
so very sad to be you.

No it doesn’t…the biggest issue about bombers in is AIR battles. In AB tank battles, bombers are “missiles” that are expected to die…they cant reload anyway, so the only real issue is if they can drop their bombs on target or not…after that, dying is actually a faster way to get back to the tank…
They CANT be too strong on tank battles for this specific reason…BUT in air battles, the same frailty is annoying…as any bomber will die on first contact with an enemy fighter, most of the times. Making them not funny to play in air battles…
In tank battles they look a bit ridiculous, but they fullfill their purpose…sometimes better, sometimes worse…but issue is not usually their vulnerability…more important is initial placement…
PERSONALLY, i don’t think they make sense in ground battles…they may be “fun”…but immersion and realism are zero…and they can be too strong on occasion, if their payload is too big…


I wouldn’t say they’re impossible to down but the addition of EFS and nerfs for cannons did help bombers survive a bit more than before. A lot of what you said just seems like schizo rantings tho.

That’s completely wrong lol. The vast majority of players complain about bombers in Air RB.

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The recent hit detection or shrunken hitboxes in Air AB have given bombers(and everything else for that matter) a much better “life expectancy”. I mean, yeah they still go down, and for bombers I have to admit, they were too easy to kill before, but . . . they did this back in late August/early September if I remember correctly . . . around that time. And it went on for a few weeks, then poof! . . back to “normal”, until the changed it yet again not too far back. But they have always made it really easy for us to kill stuff in the game, which is ok . . most of the time. Makes us think we’re “good” . . . lol. It just gets harder to re-learn how to play after a while . . . but that’s what we do here . … adjust, adapt . . . overcome.

Perhaps you havent played air?
Half of the time atleast two planes are fighting to get the final shot

As a bomber i have a complaint:
No one is cooperating, everyone is trying to steal each others kills. Im like the only bomber trying to fullfill the mission objective.

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The only flight path that negates contrails in bleeding altitude until you don’t have them anymore. Some maps don’t even allow you a chance to lose the contrails. They completely ruin the ability to be stealthy for every aircraft, not just bombers.

Yep, I was looking forward to sitting at 30k ft lobbing AMRAAMs in the FA2, but because of Contrails that is pointless to consider. You are a giant beacon the entire map can see. (in SB)

It bothers me so much because Air RB already has spotting, and I think the average player cannot spot a plane at all without the markers. It took me a while, but I will find my target long before my maxed crews spot them. This is also the reason I like ground RB now, dogfighting without markers is actually fun and stealth can be used to effectively intercept targets. I enjoy Sim in jets, but I forced 1st person and full controls just isn’t really my cup of tea. I did get full flight sim gear, but it just wasn’t worth the money to me.

Ive swapped almost entirely to ASB for Air to air combat, though I quite like the cockpit and do have the HOTAS. but you dont need markers to see anyone above 10k ft. I can usually spot them long before my radar does.

thats the most sense ive heard anyone even remotely ‘official’ speak.
but im talking about those ‘tank’ players that spend the match camping at the back waiting for the bomber light so they can drop nukes on the other team.
those are complaining of not always getting where they want to be before they are shot down, which makes my heart bleeds