Arcade, unclear mechanics and careless

I’ve been thinking about this post for a long time, I’m a former Wot player and the WT arcade seems to me to be made with very little love. If they don’t want the players in this game mode let them say it clearly.

  • Let me give you an example, when you make points to take a plane 90% of the time you respanw behind or in front of the enemy with no chance of escape, it is simply ridiculous.

  • Right now you don’t know how long you are marked on the map after being spotted, how the radio works with your teammates…
    Solution: videos or tutorials.

  • Another super frustrating thing is the auto-aiming issue.
    Directly at XXXX distance it doesn’t even show where it goes, other times it points wrong.
    Solution: fix it or let configure a button to turn off the auto-aiming in those situations.

I repeat if they want WT to be just a simulator and the arcade is annoying they should eliminate the mode but to leave it as it is is a disaster.


The spawn pattern of planes is meant to be a game of chase on the primary player, usually in a bomber. It’s a zigzag of spawns as players fill slots on each side.
Being spotted is something you are expected to learn about as you play, arcade is especially easy to be spotted in so you should learn to play as if you are always seen. This is also what many players find appealing about realistic and simulator, being able to hide and sneak around, even become an ewok in the bushes as George Lucas wanted us to.
How to use radio is partially on the player to learn, but prompts are given for thanking teammates. This is a clue that the shown button is used for comunicating to your team, but also the controls are fully viewable at any time.
Autotracking is a useful feature and largely works flawlessly. Aim indicator is a guide on where your shot should land and the chance of it penetrating, it is not aimbot to one-tap an enemy. Playing the other two types of gamemodes can give you a balanced experience of not having those.


Thank you for taking the time to answer, I think you think I’ve played 2h and I’m over 1000h.

Many times you go out with a fighter and the enemy on your back with no chance of escape. I still don’t see the point.

On the subject I would like to know exactly what is the mechanics, if they see me and I hide after 10 seconds I disappear … . Knowing the rule I will make the decisions.

Regarding the radio I mean how far you share the position of the enemies to your teammates.

The subject of aiming … no comments. Of course I know what it shows. The point is that it works terribly at long distance it doesn’t let you correct the crosshairs. Many times it hurts more than helps.

In wot all the mechanics were crystal clear and that is part of its success. I had all the t10 tanks except artillery at the time.

They dont…arcade exists for players (like me) that want a faster and simpler mode. It works ok. If you dont like dont play it…but no reason to eliminate it just because some dont like it.
Planes are supposed to be a fast air attack…bomber appears lined up, an interceptor will be close to it (behind most times) and an escort also close to the interceptor…the player that executes faster gets the kill…some issues exist, but i see no other way to make a fast air raid so you can go back to your tank. AGAIN…i like it (was a major selling point to me…air attack over the same map where my tank is)…you dont have to play planes in AB, if you dislike the concept.
Spotting is not very relevant in the map…you are usually spotted with a marker over you in normal view. You can easily assume you are always spotted. Arcade is not about hiding…you can do it sometimes, but at long ranges only.
Not sure what you mean with aiming…closer than 1km you get a target outline to help aiming, closer you get a crossair. PC players can turn off autoaim i think…they usually aim faster with mouse. It is not 100% accurate, but i guess this is a good thing.

If you remove markers, fast air attacks and “auto” aiming, well…you have an easy solution…play REALISTIC where none of these things exist…


So the point is planes vs. planes, 4-second unequal duel and back to the tank.

Regarding tanks, all in sight all the time without any strategy W and forward without using the brain.

I sincerely believe that there may be a middle ground.

Problem is my middle ground is different from yours…and from N other players, all of which want something different. I actually would prefer a bit more “tactical”…less spotting, realistic dynamic models, national teams…but i am under the impression most AB players do not…

Duel is 30s or more…but the first 10s are crucial…it is an “fast aiming game” on those 10s. I have my fun on fighters AFTER those 10s…usually i can either engage a second air target or go ground pounding.

As to the “middle ground”…not sure if you were here when they tried “World War Mode”…as they wanted to mix Arcade and Realistic players, they tried exactly this…a mode that combined both modes.
It is not hard to believe that what they managed was to have BOTH player groups bashing the mode…not realistic enough vs not arcade enough. They could not make a mode that made everyone happy…and World War became Realistic mode only :)

I use lots of strategy in Arcade…if you go “W” you better be an aiming and driving ACE…or you will die a lot. As i am a slow aimer and poor driver…i have to relly on my “tactics” (brain?)…sometimes it even works :)

Not sure if i got the right profile…but if you have 7000 battles in AB and only 150 in RB…care to clarify why you are against the AB mechanics, but seldom play Realistic?..just curious


Precisely criticized what I know, the realistic ones I simply do not like because they are slow, people move little and the tanks are less agile (more realistic).

If you’re going to look at stats, looking at yours you’re not in a position to give much advice.

I think that with a few changes and clarifying some mechanics they would gain a lot. I’m not asking for anything revolutionary.

I have played many games of Arcade planes, I’ve been playing since 2013 although I left it parked by the wot quite a while.

You mean spawn camping? Yes it is a curse :(

?? you don’t know if you are spotted at all - not sure what you are trying to say??

What auto aiming? Is this a console thing?

If I look out and I see a tank 200 m away or it is looking at me I know I am in sight. I mean if I hide again and you are not looking at me, how long does it take for my silhouette to disappear? I mean that kind of thing.

By the aiming aid I mean the penetration and distance indicator. A lot of times it’s embarrassing.

I don’t know why you should be given any information about what the other guy can see.

From your own experiencer you will have some idea, and IMO that is all that is required.

What is embarrassing?

I’m mostly a ground player, and due to various eyesight issues that even coke-bottle lenses can’t fully fix I struggle to discern tanks from background clutter at the best of times in RB, never mind while bushed, so having markers is essential for me to be able to see the enemy.

Personally I wish they’d tone down the pen markers, outlines and drop indicators to allow for more difficult long-ranged shooting, since even with the rangefinder buffs they made a while back they’re still IMO not nearly as useful as they should be. This is especially an issue for something like the basic M60 which at 7.7 and the overall Arcade meta struggles to deal with faster, more nimble tanks that historically came out later like the Leopard or Vickers MBT, never mind winding up in a city map against Russian MBT’s and their stabilizers.

You won’t find out, I just want to know the rules of the game in general. How much are you in sight after being spotted, how much does a light tank add to that time when it marks you.

How it affects the visibility parameter that tanks have.

I don’t understand why it costs so much to understand it, I don’t want a hack that tells me at all times if I’m in sight. Just know how the game works to improve.

You cant know if you’re spotted or scouted. So knowing how long the mark / scout lasts doesn’t really matter.

Just play as if you where always spotted. You practically are always spotted in arcade anyway.

The moment your tank is visible to the enemy tank, they see your name tag. And even if you’re not scouted / marked, they can still see your tank and shoot it.

If you want a more skill-based mode or don’t like arcade, play realistic.

The air spawns are fair, you can only get scouted by the active scout ability, and there is no auto-aim.

the air spawning would be fairer if instead of starting one behind the other, each team would start in parallel not too far apart.
Then both teams would have the same opportunity.

Well I don’t agree, knowing how long you are in sight, I can hide and in a reasonable time reposition myself.
It would not be an exact science but it would be helpful.

I know there is no such thing as auto-aim, I’m just saying that arcade aids work regularly at a certain distance or with vegetation.

I see that all of you are delighted, it will be me the rare one. Maybe I’m too used to the Wot.

Relax, you’re going to get a shock.

Planes in arcade is a fundamentally broken feature for a variety of reasons (the way they spawn, being completely free and mostly at least 1 guaranteed kill, et.c)

It really isn’t anything new, nor, to be honest, is it that Ground Arcade is the unloved stepchild of the game modes.

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The first issue is comparing WT to WoT. The latter is a broken game with dumb mechanics that are well explained, sure, but make no sense at all.
WT on the other hand is pretty much “do it yourself” but it’s not hard since the mechanics are logical. You can see him so he can see you, done.

On the airspawn it’s true that it’s totally broken. you spawn behind at more than 1km and you just enjoy watching you tank getting bombed by a dude that you’re never going to catch up with

It is true that Wot had its problems but great virtues.
WT arcade games have more in common than you think. If you look at the tank cards, they have a visibility parameter and the crew has an ability to detect enemies and a radio ability.

A Tiger can have 120% and a light 70%, so at a certain distance the Tiger will be visible to the light and not the other way around.

Knowing when you disappear again from the enemy map when they don’t see you is important because you can wait and when you think they don’t see you change your position.
I understand that no one on this forum to provide any data because I see how you think.

You take for fools all the newbies of the forum, but I already have an age and a few hours in this kind of games.

I found an old post in Spanish that talks a bit about visibility:

I think there was some logic to my questions.

In “Firestorm” this has all changed completely. Vehicles on the ground now face “forward” in a relatively narrow band based on the direction of the vehicle and the section of the environment the camera is focused on. A novice crew now detects (i.e. the server reports it) an ambushed enemy (i.e. without firing or moving) at a distance of 500-750 meters (all these values and below are preliminary and subject to change). A fully trained crew will achieve this at two or three times that distance. At the same time a moving or firing armor, even its machine guns, is automatically revealed and visible at long range. Emulating the reaction of the vision of a human, our trackers, in real life. Soon the game will start to take into account the camouflage and profile of the vehicles when deliberating the visibility of the armor, with the color of its camouflage or the size of the model.
Tu dotación de blindados también empezará a informar y ser informada acerca de las posiciones enemigas. La distancia a la que tu tripulación detectará un objetivo mediante la radio dependerá del nivel de la habilidad “operador de radio”. Los mensajes se envían a los aliados cuando el vehículo está bajo el fuego enemigo, ha alcanzado a un enemigo o está apuntando a uno. En el modo realista, donde no hay marcadores sobre los oponentes, se habilitará un indicador para resaltar la posición en el mapa, indicando “He visto actividad enemiga aquí”. Deseamos que esto aumente enormemente el potencial táctico, emboscadas o flanqueos, con éxito. Ya que el enemigo no os detectará hasta que no abráis fuego sobre ellos. Al mismo tiempo una acción bien coordinada mejorará vuestra experiencia de juego.

That’s not how it works. While there is a visibility parameter, your tank will always be visible to anyone. This parameter only affects the distance your crew will spot it aka the name and vehicle type will appear. But even if your crew has 0 visibility, the tank will not be invisible, it’ll still be there even if its name doesn’t appear.

Also, the visibility is not really working because if you use your binoculars or aiming mode, the name of the tank will appear, regardless of the distance