Arcade, unclear mechanics and careless

Maybe it was the case once but that’s not how it works anymore.

Today, a tank will be highlighted if you just aim your camera at it. If there’s only a part of the tank visible, then you’ll have to use your binos.
In any case, just use your bino to scan the area in front of you and you’ll see everyone

Thank you for answering.
It is clear to me that the tanks are always in sight. That’s something I took for sure.
I have always wanted to refer to the capabilities of the tank and crew to see the red marking and silhouette.
I don’t have that perception, many times with binoculars I have spotted people out of range of my crew (unmarked). I will check next time if they mark themselves.

In fact that is one of the reasons for people’s frustration in WOT, and that is simply that if the server says you don’t have the ability to see a tank, the server won’t draw it for you.

This is actually a feature…and a GOOD one in my opinion. Even in arcade, you cant just motor forward in 3rd person view and get all the targets highlighted.
I frequently stop to scan the area forward (or some flank) with binos or gunsight (i think both work the same)…in order to detect some more distant targets in ambush or moving to battle…in some maps it works well…

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But then you’re agreeing with me, what you’re talking about with the binoculars is a mechanic in itself.
The crosshairs thing, yesterday I was trying to shoot at 1.6km to an enemy. Which was not spotted. Your rule is not fulfilled, there was no silhouette to help you shoot.
I think at close range you get the crosshair to penetrate and fall, at medium range the silhouette and then nothing… Maybe if he is not uncovered the game doesn’t offer you that help?

If i recall correctly…crosshair is up to 700m and silhouette is up to 1km…i think crew skills can alter this a bit,but not much. At over 1km you get the marker with the range, which is way more help than in RB. I have fun taking long range shots with these…and TBH i use only the range info on the marker…target is a few dots far far away and most tanks dont have the optics to see it well…BUT if it is immobile i can take a few shots at it and is rewarding when you kill something at that range… :)

Not sure if you know this (not all info is there, but interesting nonetheless):

Then I was not so lost, the link you put is the same that I put but in Spanish.
A person above said that it was no longer valid but in the wiki is the latest. I don’t understand why people talk without knowledge.
It can be clear that as it is logical if there are spotting mechanics.
I find it amazing how much difference there can be between a trained and untrained crew.

Wiki has a delay…game updates sometimes take time to get to the wiki…and TBH, many games details ARE NOT in the wiki…
From game experience, up to a distance (700m or so) you get the crosshair with colors. After that you get only the outline WHEN THE CROSSHAIR is on top of target, with range drop into consideration (i.e. you have a hit probability)…and this up to areound 1km. After 1km only the marker with range. The specific distances change a little with crew quality…
Markers are not ALWAYS displayed…at longer ranges (or specific LOS blocks in close terrain) it is possible that an enemy is not spotted. Some markers will only appear if you use binos or gunner sight.
My question is…what is wrong with the above scenario?..if anything, i think spotting in arcade is actually too helpful…but made that way for players wanting a simpler approach…

It’s just knowing how it works, that’s all.
Even if the tanks are always in sight, I think it’s important to know when the red silhouette comes up.
We will agree that when you are marked you are cannon fodder.
Now I know that when you put the binoculars on, it highlights the silhouette of more distant tanks… for example.

I dont think it highlights the silhouette…it will make some markers appear…for the silhouette you need a “firing solution”…i.e. sight on target with adequate elevation…

I too am a former WoT player, in WoT the spotting mechanics are clear and can be mastered, in WT ground arcade the spotting mechanics dont exist, there is no logic behind it, you can see a tank in the map and there will be no reason why, this means you cant ever know if you are spotted or not, meaning you cant make logical decisions when flanking, often the enemy players will be waiting for you when they shouldnt be aware of your presence.

This level of idiotic design is further exacerbated when you realise a Light tank has the ability to mark a tank temporarily that he has no line of sight to… you can mark a tank on other side of a map that you have no line of sight to… you can do this repeatedly and be rewarded for it… you can park your tank in the spawn and do it… WTF, and you are doing it because vehicles that you have no line of sight towards at all are being highlighted for tou to select as a target, i assume because a teammate has direct line of sight to them, instead of simple being represented on the minimap…

It is a huge disappointment that a game that makes fun of WoT has an arcade game mode 10x worse than WoT, and despite the huge success of World of Tanks Gaijin doesnt realise all it has to do is properly refine it, into something that makes sense, is logical and is based on well defined rules, instead of bullshit randomness.

I gave up on World of Tanks because they dont respect tanks at all, vehicles there are just a name, their internals are meaningless, but the game mechanics are sound for the most part, especially the way camouflage and spotting works, i only play tanks in War Thunder during events because its not enjoyable, and Ground Realistic Battles are a niche thats not for me.

As for planes in Ground Arcade, its another idiotic cheap enterntainment mechanic, players should not be using magical spawning planes over and over again, the planes in arcade should be similar to the way planes exist in naval arcade, they should have a cost for the players, not a use and crash in the ground like a retard…

Why cant i enjoy a proper tank game? WoT has become pure trash regarding overall vehicle balance, map design and vehicle tiering, its just p2w RNG trash designed to entertain low IQ mongoloids, where the vehicles are balanced not to be played around their max potential but balanced around the inability of the average player to play the game properly.

Then theres Armored Warfare, designed to copy the WORST World of Tanks had to offer and adding even worst twists, turning it into a far worse looking even more p2w fantasy tank bullshit game with idiotic game mechanics.

These 2 games have balance issues becuase the balance team does the balancing based on the overall performance of a vehicle in the server, taking into account what a complete moron does with the vehicle, how is it that a BOT playing a vehicle has a say in its balance? WTF they should be doing the balancing based on the feedback of a player that is capable of using the vehicle to its max potential, same thing happens in War Thunder, even worse in some cases, lets not forget the case of the underpowered plane that was further nerfed after a group of pro players used it and improve its server overall performance, that tells you all you need to know regarding whats wrong with vehicle balance.

Then theres War Thunder Ground Arcade, i could talk about its mechanics but they dont exist, i could also talk about Object 279… and the overall vehicle proper BR… or improper…

I play mostly naval arcade and the balance its very sad, Russian and American ships dominate, and some maps are very boring, while some other maps heavily favor 1 team.


It took me 3 pages to understand what we said. The forum is full of fanboys.

Everything seems to them to work well. The Arcade is a poorly executed copy of the wot with traces of the realistic ones … the result is somewhat arbitrary.

At least I didn’t waste all my time and find that if you take out the binoculars you mark every enemy. I thought that in Arcade they were not useful.

I have found this picture

it is here:

The original poster of that also noted these things:
Running list of other details:

  • Crew Training (Keen Vision and Radio Communication) roughly up to doubles all these ranges plus or minus a bit. Note that since they are circular wedges, this means crew training up to quadruples the areas covered and also stays very efficient for the crew points spent even as the cost goes up.

  • There are a bunch of obscure multipliers for things like the size of the vehicle (see “visibility” stat in the vehicle stat sheet, that’s a modifier to these ranges) or modifiers for things like the sun being in your eyes and night time.

  • Binoculars have much further range than normal vision.

  • If your radio operator dies, you no longer get radio information.

  • You can scout things in scout capable light tanks, like in RB, which will make their markers persist for awhile and show a binocular icon by their name, even if they would otherwise become obscured again.

  • Despite the name, “absolute” detection is also still blocked by walls and things. You may not know about a tank 3 meters away around a corner if you aren’t peeking.

  • The player’s camera works even while C-key-ing at unrealistic angles that your commander could never see (same as RB you can see around corners and so on if you intentionally look). It depends what YOU the player can see for the player camera.

  • Aircraft detection is allowed much further out than tanks

Someone in the comments also said:

Crew training and vehicle “visibility” stat affects the render range of the tank.

If you have a stock tank and you’re trying to spot an Su-85, visibility range is about 1500m, beyond that it “magically disappears”

As other people said there is not much info on it. I played wot and war thunder when they came out and I played and switched between them, but nowadays I mainly play war thunder. Sometimes I do hop on wot though.
The spotting mechanic in AB needs testing but as other people have said it does not make any sense and it is strange, so maybe it would be a waste of time.

And of course maybe the picture and the comments are outdated, I dont know. I just found it and wanted to post it here. Hope this helps you a little bit!

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