Arcade Battle should be changed to pure tank battles


You want to ruin the Arcade Mode? Air is like zero problem in Arcade at all and it is way better and more fun implemented than in GRB.

Why would you even want this and why in Arcade?


Its the dumbest idea ever and im not even playing Air.

Well if you havent played air then dont say

Maybe think about it for longer than one second. Doesn’t take someone playing Air to know that both OPs suggestion and the ‘idea’ you responded to are as dumb as it gets


In theory it may sound dumb but think about it practically

It practice it would be even dumber than in theory.

Well prove it dumb
I will try my best to counter and in the end we will see if it really is dumb

so you think its a dumb idea…so dont play it. end of.

there can be an air excluded ground battle, and there can be an air included ground battle, whether or not you play it or have any opinion on it is irrelevant, after all, ‘you dont even play air’

so shut up.

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Scale…most air missions happen far away from bases. Very few human players would like to man the ground defenses…as most of the game they have nothing in range. Tanks cant really chase planes around :)

The air element in ground battles is mostly about player preferences. I like planes in ground battles…but would also like ground battles without planes. Would play both…neither are “better”…it is just a different tactical issue. Bear in mind that the absence of planes has effects on tactics and vehicle performance.

Balance is a different issue…planes can be balanced at different setpoints (weaker, stronger).

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Just think about it for longer than five seconds and you will notice why letting people spawn into SPAA on a giant Map in a max. 16vs16 Air Mode is a dumb idea.

You just want to accomplish one thing with it and that is to fulfill your resentment, you don’t want to actually add anything of value or something good for the Community but simply want to ruin other peoples Gamemode because of your resentment and lack of experience in how to deal with it in the Mode you are playing.

You wouldn’t even play such a Mode yourself if it existed but only advocate for it because in your imagination it would annoy people playing Air.

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i was being sarcastic, idiot.

im just sick to F of having 1000lb bombs dropped on me in tank battles. i recal a day when bombs had to be pretty much dropped on or beside the tank to get a kill, you know, needing a bit of skill on the part of the bomber…
these days its all 1000lb and 2000lb bombs, its downright stupidity.
there is ZERO chance in a sturer of every getting away from the death zone of one dropped within 200mts.

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Chill out bro. You suspension just got lifted dont do something to get it back.

Can spawn human-controlled SPAAs as one of those convoy vehicles or somewhere near the placed weapons to irritate those strike bombers, then some at the airfield depending on where the player chooses to spawn. But then some br especially the lower ones will be pretty damn useless since how do you even hit a Pe-8 at 8km above the surface with M42 lol

100% agree with you. Planes ruin my game daily!!!


Whats far more annoying is when your brawling PBR and you get killed by a bomb from the sky yet the player your were brawling with doesnt die. WTF is that all about???

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i had just that situation a couple of weeks back, im in the german AA Sd.something, same vehicle is in my zone.
the bomb drops and goes off i get killed, he survived, looking at the replay im 0.05m away, he is 0.04m away.

i think the issue is people expecting computational excellence from a game that is clearly anything but.

The games HE system is a “bubble” around a vehicle, it will RNG pick one, and boom, if it was a spatial game, it would have no issues, but then it would be much harder to run on some computers, and almost all consoles.

Even the ranges of the top tier SPAA can’t really contend with planes because of how large the battlespace is. You would need a Pantsir in the middle of the map for any hope to really engage anyone, and you would have to wait and wait for someone to come in range. Other SPAA with 10km range like the XM1096 would just be guided missile food.

I play almost 100% AB, am an OK player, and like having the current Air component of GFAB. Why? Because:

  1. It’s fun. This is a game after all. I think some people take this waaaay too seriously.

  2. It adds variety. Which makes me more likely to play for longer, and player retention is presumably something that the Snail values.

  3. It rewards me when I play well in my tank (i.e. getting kills).

  4. I enjoy playing SPAA.

  5. I don’t want to be forced to play Realistic GB. I’ve tried it, prefer AB. YMMV.

Sure, getting bombed sucks, but you know what? You can start a new game straight away afterwards.

As others have mentioned, there sure seems to be a high sense of entitlement among some players/posters, with talk of ‘skill issue’ etc. If anything, I think allowing new or lower-skilled players to get kills makes the game more realistic - in the real world, you might be Wittman, but a n00b in a Sherman might get lucky & take you out. ‘Fairness’ doesn’t come into it.