Arb br 2.7-5.0 is completely ruined now. do something snail

literally every single game this br is filled with B7A2 and Wyvern S4. This is outrageous. Limit their number plz. Plus move wyvern to 4.7 and remove its air spawn OK? This thing is broken

Limiting numbers will break the matchmaker further.
Just watch what happened with the JU-288 and apply that tho these vehicles.

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That’s snail’s fault

That doesn’t change anything.
They’re still vehicles that many players want to use and thus will ruin lobbies if their number is limited.
Matches with a maximum of 6 people aren’t uncommon around Ju-288s BR and I guarantee you that that isn’t something you wish to bring elsewhere.

B7A2 is a Battle Pass vehicle including a BP challenge - there will be fewer B7A2s as soon as all of them completed their challenges and/or the new season will beginn. Classified as a bomber their number is limited to 4.

Wyverns - indeed a pain. I never saw more than 10 in a game. Have in mind that during events you see them more than usual as Wyverns (almost) guarantees a score…


Classic example of the usual trash player polluting Air RB whilst running with a Wyvern:

Wyvern abuser

Trash stats in non-op planes and 6:1 in Wyvern just due the plane.

Gaijin must be very proud to support such gameplay with their stupid BR setting policy.

You might try to play on SA servers - depending on day time u get 30-40% 6 vs 6 matches with 4 B7A2s vs 6 US/GB fighters on Pacific maps. Ofc sometimes the 4 B7A2s meet similar amounts of Wyverns…

And flying with a German or Italian 5.0 fighter together with 4 Ju 288s (so ofc a full uptier in 85% of your matches) in a 6 vs 6 vs pure US/GB fighter lobbies can be fun…