ARB bad premium teamates

every match at 11.0 to 12.0 there is lots of prem players that doesnt know how to play
bec of that they die so fast and all of the time my team is gone after 5 min after match
and i should play 3 v 10 with enemy team . this in not fair at all
im losing bec of gaijin being … and sell prem planes to level 5 players.
i think players with less that 30 level should not be allowed to buy premium planes higher than rank 5 or 6
i ll be happy to see your thoughts guys

Don’t worry, players can be bad in non-premiums too.

It just saves the majority of the game from players focused on a vehicle and not actually a game.

They all have wings (some tiny, yes) and they all explode when kissing trees.

(Gaijin will not limit players willing to spend cash… except when it comes to convertible RP… I don’t think they have a cohesive plan actually… I see contradiction as I type this).

This is what community wanted since they wanted to see “mOdErN jEtS” and premium jets in the game.

Blame them all.

Thats what happens when you let new people pay their way up to top tier, most of them have no clue about fucking anything. Gaijin wants it this way.
Yes ofc old players can be bad too, dont get your panties in a twist.

while yes, it is annoying to have only premiums on your team, can you really blame them? The grind has become so awful that this is the only way people can really progress in this game, and if you’re lucky enough to be facing a team like this, then it helps you by giving the opportunity to seal club at high tier