ARB 8.7-9.7 unplayable

Hello all.

Pretty much as the title says. Almost the entire bracket I mention is unplayable due to crushing uptiers where you face 30g missiles while sitting in subsonic jets w/o flares or get into 10/16 premium lobbies that carry 20g missiles at 9.3-9.7

I spent three weeks in the bracket and I’m quitting 8+ Air RB until it gets better. Right now is pure cancer.


I do agree and it has been said many times. ARB needs decompressing.

I avoid playing 8.7 - 9.7, even though is contain planes I like a lot.


It’s a sentiment held by the playerbase pretty much in entirety, fella. You are not alone.

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It is really hard to enjoy jets like the f86s because of there BRs and I wish I could. Another bad one is the F100. The reason it is like this is because the BRs are to compressed in that area meaning these jets that should be fun and good are up-teired and placed agasint things they can’t compete against. This is coming from a usa main and it is just my perspective.


top tier ARB in general is unplayable


I was unaware. I don’t really frequent the forums, my last post must be 2 years ago or something.

Well, add it to the pile, I guess. :/

I don’t really mind it too much. I enjoyed my time in the F-86F40 (9.0 to be fair) in particular. You basically play like a Zero; You’ll beat virtually everyone in a dog fight, if any of the mach planes don’t want to fight you they can just leave you in the dust, and if they try to make passes on you they’re gonna have a hell of a time hitting.

You don’t have the initiative, you can’t dictate fights, but you can absolutely contribute and get a lot of work done in these subsonics. Especially if you have AIM-9Bs, that at least gives you a way to threaten supersonics who want to go vertical near you or end up slow underneath you for a second.

At 8.7 you’re not going to see too many planes carrying powerful missiles, even in a full uptier. Off the top of my head I can only think of the T-2 and the Swiss Hunter with 9Ps and the Yak-38 with its R-60s. The T-2 is definitely bullshit but the Hunter isn’t much faster than you and you’ll probably wash him in a dogfight if you took min fuel (in a F-86 or Mig-15 I should say,) and the Yak-38 is just kind of a dog. At 9.0-10.0 is when the all aspect attackers show up and create the real unavoidable killzones, though I’ve found that those planes rarely climb so I just make sure to stay at alts where they’d have to pitch up and kill themselves to shoot a missile at me.

All that said, I think decompression can only be a good thing, and the F-104A/MiG-21F-13 menace is annoying as hell just cause it drags matches out more often than not, but I think the bracket is not as bad as most people say, and definitely not unplayable. 8.3 is a lot nicer though.