APKWS proximity fuze variant

When is Gaijin going to add the APKWS proximity fuze variant so other helicopters than the KA-50 can engage other helicopters effectively.

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Ah yes, “the” proximity fuse APKWS. The one we’re all thinking about. That one…

Which APKWS has a proximity fuse…?

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You have to give him SOME credit, in this case he is not exactly wrong, APKWS is a guidance kit that can be applied onto Hydra rockets. Said hydra rockets have a bunch of types of warheads and fuzes, including some Proximity variations.What he should have done is listed the warheads and fuzes that he wants added, in a suggestion format.


Again, what is the proximity fuse. And article simply stating that it was tested does not pass as technical data needed for an addition or change.

It’s Vamilad, he doesn’t deserve credit.

That’s exactly why I’m not giving him credit. It’s nothing but another Vamilad whine-post.

War Thunder truly is a Russian psy-op for classified information



You have the technical documents comrade?

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Aaaaaaaand never mind, back to his old self


I do not plan to go to jail to appease someone on the War Thunder forum.

I’m not the one asking for M429 fuses on our M427 fused APKWS rockets.

You won’t. The technical specifications are open to the public, but to find them you actually have to understand what you’re talking about.

You don’t understand what is currently in game, nor do you understand what you’re asking for.

M429 fuzes? Where is your document for this?

da! You have the document comrade very good share it with the relevant authorities so we can make use of it


Where is your document for this technology?

Why are you asking?

You are asking.

I’m not, it’s your thread after all