Anyone else tired of the current longstanding stale Air RB meta of 5 minute games?

In props, nobody climbs. 90% of both teams are dead within 5 minutes of first engagement.
In jets, people just rush into the furball that forms in the first 30 seconds, 50% of the match is over in about 30 seconds, then over the course of the next 3 minutes the last 50% dies off too.

I remember in prior years, props were methodical. Games could go on for 25+ minutes up to even around 40-50 minutes in SUPER long games. In jets, the games were shorter but could still easily see both teams landing to rearm/refuel before a 2nd engagement happened.

I’ve had way too many games recently that end up with results like this:

because both teams were having a contest to see who could die first, and their team won by a mile… all game I was just chasing after people who were dying to other people’s missiles. Then I’d find somebody new to chase before 30 seconds later it happened again. It’s super lame to then get zero rewards because the game no longer rewards defensive flying or otherwise playing in a way that doesn’t result in you shooting somebody. I used to be able to get 10k+ rp a game just from being active in dogfights and playing defensive or flying bait for teammates.

Where do you stand on this? Do you want to see this changed?


Totally agree. Air combat isn’t just about kills. Tactics and positioning need to be rewarded. Current reward systems encourage players just to mindlessly head-on each other, die, then goto the next match fast as possible for the newest top tier trinkets.


RB EC games like sim would be a lot of fun for bigger maps


Bigger maps won’t help for top tier. People just have to fly longer to play the exact same way they do on a smaller map.

I think top tier needs 2 things for RB.

  1. Multiple spawn points so the entire team doesn’t originate from the same place

  2. Air spawns so you spawn with kinetic energy you can they have options on how to use it.


Yes i remember years ago props was very methodical, and dogfights were so enjoyable I actually felt adrenaline. Now its been years since i’ve enjoyed air rb like that. Top tier air rb is just a furball of death that’s over in 5 mins, with no chance to keep track of what goes on around you, it’s very sad. We need smaller teams or the implementation of Air RB EC.

Air RB is dead, zombie mode that exists for grinding CAS for Ground RB.

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Well game was popularized,… that’s what happenned,… it was filled by “unknowing and unwilling to learn people”

That’s the only reason why,…

But also, maps aren’t made in order to make people think,…


I was sick of 2 minute games in 2019, sick of 3 minute games in 2021 - 2022.
Sick of 5 minute games now.
At least I can say it’s getting longer.

I personally hate the popularized mindset of every single gamemode is Deathmatch only. It is a very boring way to progress through the game. I would love to see countrys’ iconic bombers be added, but since it doesn’t fit the meta of “competitiveness”, this cycle continues with how to grind the quickest. It badly needs variety.

Sir, the match doesn’t end after 1 player dies as you imply by implying my death ends the match…

The F-4E Phantom and MiG-21SMT are over 3 years old, dumping missiles on distracted opponents was still a thing

Years ago they lasted much longer.

The match in general is not over, but your participation in it is, and thats what I wanted to imply. Unless before there was no “To hangar” option, and you had to spectate the entire game

That was general matches. I was lasting longer than most of my team since 2019. Survival techniques was the first thing I learned after getting back into WT in late 2018.
2022 I learned dogfighting techniques, and 2023 I learned further.

At least now I know why “the old is bad” and “new is good” for you.

Not what I said nor implied.
I was just correcting your earlier assumptions is all.

That’s why I said like Sim

Yep. Haven’t opened in a few days. Can’t bring myself too. no fun in jets anymore. Just mismatched imbalance everywhere. I am so over the fact certain planes with op missiles can get into matches with planes that have NO countermeasures.

Game is meant to be fun. It’s not fun at the moment for myself OR my friends outside of custom matches and that’s sad.

They wouldn’t be. RB EC would just be one team shooting the other team within the first 2 minutes that it spawns.

This is what top tier sim is like. The idea that you will have some kind of intimate dogfight or tactical experience is a myth.

This is on a 128x128 map…the biggest that War Thunder supports. No spotting system either. No 3rd person view.

EC is just PvP but in slow motion.