Anyone else starting to get annoyed at Gaijin's seeming refusal to add the Queen Elizabeth class battleships?

We now have the Bayern’s and the Nagato’s both, which were developed as DIRECT counters to the QE class YEARS after they were originally built, yet no QE class its self.

Even now if they added them, you would HAVE to add the 1937 refits instead of their ww1 configurations for them to be competitive.

if you wanted to add the as built, ww1 Configurations, they would have needed to be added back when stuff like the Bayern were originally added.


They’ll come eventually. They should have come already, but they will come eventually.


I for some reason doubt that, Any time i ask about the QE class on the official subreddit the post gets deleted, and even here alot of times it get’s entirely ignored.

People WANT the Queen Elizbeth class battleships, we want the grand old lady, we want the battleships that charged down the ENTIRE German navy at Jutland and came out of it without a scratch.

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Not annoyed, just waiting things out. They will arrive in time, slowly but surely we are seeing naval and coastal expand. I feel they will add Queen Elizabeth class ships in some form. I would like to see Warspite added myself.

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Oh not another boring battleship from the UK 😴😴😴😴

Ruh Roh

you DARE insult the Grand old Lady?

I think this ship will be weak, because it’s not suitable for wt, scharnchorst or bismarck, or any newer battleship will sweep it off the battlefield, and we know what the balance is, I don’t see the point of adding ships from ww1 to wt.

I figured since there have been adding very early 20th century ships they would include that class. You may not see a point to it, but there seems to be a interest in that era from Gaijin. The current event SMS Baden is early 20th century for example.

the QE class is legit better armored than the Bismarck.

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Yes XD

She 's already in the Mobile version of the game

Just a matter of time before she makes her way here too.


Has anyone played the mobile version of you, you know that yamato kills almost everyone on a shot, if it will look like this on pc then thank you.

Also the Warspite was heavily modernized in the 1930s, She could have went toe to toe with the Bismarck if given the chance.

She wasn’t the same old ship that was built in ww1.

Naval vehicle additions are a mess. I am a Japan main so the addition of IJN Mutsu is great to have but we really don’t need another 7.0 ship when other nations (like Britain here) still have an incomplete lineup. It also wouldn’t surprise me if HMS QE was relegated to a premium since Gaijin seems to have no issue making an active ship class a premium.

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I don’t think new additions are the issue at the moment.

The problem is that ships like the Yamato Bismarck will be a gold mine for Gaijn, they will add them to the tree and people will buy premium vehicles or skip the research just to get BB, and the gaijn will earn more for it than if they were premium vehicles, and I can guarantee that when the Bismarck or the Yamato comes out, they will be the ships that will be the best in the game,Because the gaijn will have to make money on these ships first, I have the impression that the ships are only for that, for the gaijn to make money and to make money, balance and gameplay.

I don’t doubt this line of thought at all. Or make IJN Musashi premium so toptier is full of one-death leavers that absolutely overpower everyone.

With this balance and maps, yamato and bismarck will totally destroy the game just like scharnchort has done now for a few years, and gaijn did nothing, and it will be the same with other strong BBs in the future, players will ask for a balance and fix the mode and gaijn won’t do anything.

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Honestly, I would probably see the musashi as an event vehicle rather than a premium vehicle for GE, of course it would be nice if it was a premium vehicle, but the vision of one death and leaving is a deterrent.